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For the first time the Tiangong two train tomorrow fastest launch (Figure) – Sohu news September 9th, implementation of Tiangong two mission rocket vertically transferred to the launch pad. Xinhua news agency of China’s space laboratory Temple No. two, plan 20 days between launch in September 15th. On the morning of 9 Temple No. two has been vertically transported to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center launch area, yesterday, Tiangong two launches the usher in the first training, after training the whole system a more important exercise which is after the. In July 9th, the space laboratory Temple No. two, arrived in Jiuquan, to carry out emission field assembly and testing work. In September 9th, Temple No. two, No. two F space laboratory and the long march T2 rocket vertically transferred to the launch tower. In September 11th, Tiangong two tasks of the whole system launch exercises for 3.5 hours. In September 12th, the launch of the "Tiangong two" Long March two F T2 vehicles in the filling preparation. Earlier, Tiangong two has been wrapped in a rocket fairing. After the launch of Tiangong two space laboratory will be carried out in orbit test and the establishment of independent operation mode, and docking with the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft. Temple No. two, known as the space laboratory of China’s first truly, a spacecraft in China is currently the longest manned flight. After the completion of the launch, it will be completed in the space of the three tasks – the astronauts in the middle of the interim; propellant in orbit repair; in orbit maintenance technology test. Aspect 1 cabin design more convenient and livable living space laboratory Temple Temple No. two, after the launch, there will be two astronauts in the temple, 30 days where they will work and life, the astronauts in orbit validation mid resides, a task which is now China’s longest manned flight. It’s not an easy thing to live in a weightless environment for 30 days. Therefore, in the inner Temple No. two, added a lot of thoughtful design, more convenient for the astronauts work and life. Tiangong two space laboratory chief architect Zhu Congpeng said, in order to create a better life for astronauts and working environment, system to carry out the livable design, including the basic necessities of life, light, cabin interiors, reduce noise, and increase the number of auxiliary facilities. Zhu Congpeng, one of the supporting facilities, is the first use of small multifunctional platform can be carried out in the Tiangong two space laboratory. With it, the astronauts can write, eat, do some scientific experiments, living and working two. In communications, the Temple No. two astronauts equipped with a Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth audio for world communication. In addition, the cabin floor also replaced the carpet; cabin lights with yellow hue, brightness can be adjusted manually, and the bed headlight installed for each astronaut. Aspect 2 Temple No. two, more luxurious equipment loading and improve the Tiangong two Tiangong-1 launched in 2011, what is the difference? What are the technical breakthroughs? Tiangong two space laboratory is developed in the "Tiangong-1" on the basis of the spacecraft are identical in shape, but bear the task of different – "Tiangong-1" is the goal of flying road相关的主题文章: