Ford 4S shop Car Buying fees of up to 3000 yuan each have reason haywire

Ford 4S shop Car Buying fees of up to 3000 yuan each have reason to store 4S Car Buying collect fees, each one has the most common reason for licensing fees and service charges, the maximum charge 3000 yuan sales clear: do not pay would prefer not to sell car trainee reporter Wu Zhengbin Zhang Li to the 4S shop to buy a car in addition to the payment of money to pay for the Car Buying, deep cleaning fees, license fees, service charges…… The day before, the reporter visited the 6 auto 4S shop in Shanghai, each 4S dealers are selling cars in the process of listing various nominal charges for consumers, in which the "license fee" and "service fee" is the most common, and even some 4S stores will be listed as a "deep cleansing" and other names are charge. Consumer Protection Committee has repeatedly said that the behavior of arbitrary charges of serious violations of consumer behavior. But in the face of the reporter, why do you want to receive such fees? There are even 4S store sales staff, said: we are the service industry, it is necessary to charge." Why collect licensing fees? 4S shop: This is the mandatory fashion new Fawkes lady shortly before to buy a 2017 1.6T, a total cost of 135 thousand yuan, of which, 4S shop to Ms. Yu received a $1500 licensing fee and 2500 yuan service fee. For the first time in the Car Buying ladies, this charge will undoubtedly make her puzzled, "at the moment of reckoning to see what ‘licensing fee’ and ‘fee’, I do not know why the money." Meet 4S shop for an extra fee is not only in one miss, the reality is that many consumers go to the 4S store Car Buying will encounter additional charge, but most people in general and women do. The reporter visited the 6 Ford dealer company, located in the Republic of new road Shanghai Co toful Cheng Auto Sales Service Co. Ltd. and Yangpu District Greenwich Central Auto Sales & Service Co., said in a clear, can according to the customer’s willingness to choose whether to charge a license fee, the remaining 4 4S store will be unified licensing costs as "one of the project will collect". The reporter first arrived at the Minhang District Zhuan Hing Road Jiuhua car sales Services Limited, choose one with the same name Car Buying models to ms.. The company’s sales staff list a breakdown of charges for journalists, including licensing fees for Shanghai C received 1200 yuan, Shanghai 1500 yuan temporary license. The sales said, buy a car on the card to pay a license fee as a mandatory 4S shop, the customer can not go on their own. Located in the Jinsha River road Dongchang Fude auto sales Services Limited, sales staff are "Shanghai Shanghai C license or temporary license fees are 1800 yuan price. The company’s sales said, because in the store next door can be directly to help customers on the Pro Pro card, but on the outskirts of the license plate is very troublesome, and far, so the price is almost the same with the pro." Jiading District is located in the town of Anting greenwill car sales company on the cards for the fee is 1500 yuan for a unified. According to statistics, most of the 4S shop to charge a license fee "in the 1200 to 1800 yuan. Why the service charge? On相关的主题文章: