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Four old "old boy" combination group: the average age of 85 years (Figure) – Beijing yesterday afternoon, Hangzhou Liangzhu Cultural Arts Center held a spontaneous unique performance, Anji road Liangzhu experimental school children song and dance performances, a look at the G20 Summit on the show apple face girl Zhang Yunjia singing, also help the mainland folk singer Xie Chunhua. However, the old grandfather — "you old boy" more fans rushed four blast wave and. Even if the average age is 85 years old, but on the stage, they have an opening, star studded, full of charm, a little worse than young people. Under the table of the aunt who also changed the "younger sister", "old handsome old man" called. Before the show, four people stood in the corner, singing in a low voice. "Old, some of the lyrics can not remember, still have to look at singing." The old man said with a smile. Look closer, four person’s temperament is super good, wearing a business suit, perfectly coiffed hair. It’s hard to see that the average age of four people is already 85 years old. The combination of the older Dezhong Wang, 93 years old, from Fujian to Hangzhou after retirement pension, kapas for more than a year in suiyuan. Good health is more than 1, 8 meters tall, gray hair. Usually he love a scarf with a white shirt and tie with the members deliberately put on yesterday. Everyone says he’s the oldest old man. The 83 year old Zheng Xianfang, a retired Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine doctor in Suiyuan before half time. "Actually, I’m a substitute. The original members of the ‘old Fu Ye’, because the body is not good hospital. But I can sing very well, too." The 81 year old Wang Zhecheng, was vice chairman of the Provincial Writers Association, articulate. He is as tall as Wang Dezhong, a look of righteousness. Because in Inner Mongolia for 28 years, so my friends nicknamed him "Teng Ko Erh park". The combination of the youngest Wang Jing, is 80 years old. Head is not high, but it is the most powerful. Before he came to power, he checked everyone’s tie and even played it again. No wonder, before retiring, he is the president of a hospital in Zhejiang Province, but also the province’s eye experts, especially careful. More than a year ago, four people still do not know each other, then in Suiyuan Kaju, because four people love to sing, the composition of the park with the old boy, some people will call them "F4 garden" and "garden flower boy". "I think this age can find like-minded people, is really wrong." Wang Zhecheng emotion. Speaking of singing, many old people like. However, the composition of the combination, did not start thinking. It was Christmas 2015, and Wang Dezhong had a party. A few people sang a very classic "You raise me up", so a sing and red. Later, large and small performances, can be seen in the park with the old boy". Every Tuesday night, it’s time to practice together. Learning musical notation, over exercise with the music, the old people have never learned professional music completely because of the interest of total devotion. Now, they have learned a lot of songs, such as the American film相关的主题文章: