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Britain and France in the Korea US Russian   inventory of the first car — car – original title in various countries: France and Russia each country inventory of the first car – Sweden: 1897 Vabis Type A Surahammars Bruk in December 1891, steel producers and engineers, entrepreneur Philip Wersen co founded a company called Vabis. The company in the production of the train started, and in 1896 it hired Gustaf Erikson for the design of automobile. The first attempt to use Erikson single cylinder engine, but did not succeed, then use double cylinder engine, designed the first passenger car Type A in 1897. Vabis Type A uses the rudder control direction, the car can take 4 people. In 1900, Vabis ushered in the peak period, when a total of 323 train cars. Soon after, Erikson joined Vabis, and in 1902 launched the first truck Vagnfabriken. In December 1903, Vabis took part in the Paris auto show for the first time. In 1909, Vabis launched a 20 horsepower truck of 3 tons, also won the Swedish Royal Automobile Club International Truck race gold medal. In 1911, in order to improve product quality, increase the competitive advantage, Vabis and Scania founded in 1900, the reorganization of Scania-Vabis. Scania is in 1901 launched the first Scania concept car A1. Czech: 1897 Prasident 1850, Ignac Sustala established a production carriage S& C. 1890, in order to get involved in the automotive field, Sustala hired Hugo Fischer Roeslerstamm served as technical director, and in 1891 the company changed its name to NW (Nesselsdorfer Wagenbau-Fabriksgesellschaft) in von. In the same year, Sustala died, Roeslerstamm took over NW. In 1894, the merchant Theodor von Liebieg Mercedes Benz Viktoria successfully completed the 2500km tour around europe. Inspired by Roeslerstamm, in 1897 to buy a Mercedes Benz Phaeton car and a new Mercedes Benz engine. The same year, Roeslerstamm Benz Phaeton is modeled to create the Austro Hungarian Empire’s first car Prasident, the first car in the car is also the Middle East europe. Prasident uses a double row four seat design with rear folding roof. The body length and width of the car is 3225mm&tim相关的主题文章: