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Advertising Frankfort IL Pool Landscaping Designs Do you dream of having a beautiful outdoor environment that .pliments your luxury home? Or would you love to have a sunny outdoor kitchen and patio perfect for loved ones and friends? Have you always wanted an outdoor kitchen design that was the envy of family and friends? Hi, Im Brian Larsen from County Wide Landscaping and these things are possible. At County Wide Landscaping we skillfully address your special needs such as pools, spas, patios, water features, fireplaces, pergolas and outdoor theaters. Weve been serving the Frankfort IL area since 1992. What kind of pool designs do you offer? With a fiber glass pool the one legitimate negative to a fiber glass pool is that we are limited somewhat to the size and shapes we offer. We offer over a hundred different shapes and sizes so for ninety percent of our customers out there, there is a pool that youre going to fall in love with. Our real limitations are this: we cant go deeper than eight foot six which does meet the code for a diving board and we cannot go wider than sixteen feet. So the largest pool that we can offer is forty by sixteen. So within that size frame we have about a hundred shapes and sizes starting at small as a hot tub going all of the way up to forty by sixteen. So there is going to be a pool that is going to meet anyones needs out there. We have large rectangles; we have free form so whatever style we need to design for your house we are going to have something that will work for you. Over the last several years, County Wide has been able to take the fiber glass pool technology which is great to start with and actually customize it a bit further by .bining different units. Were able to build tanning ledges, play areas for the kids that are attached to your swimming pool itself. So if the size forty by sixteen is a limitation and youve always thought youd wanted a bigger pool, County Wide Landscaping, weve figured out a way to .bine units so your pool can actually be larger and be big enough for the whole family to enjoy. Frankfort IL Swimming Pool Installation County Wide Landscaping 42W891 Beith RD. Elburn, IL 60119 (630)365-3412 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: