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Friday the market will rebound in the ten big market outlook: Sina Finance blog App live on-line blogger to help guide the stock masters 20 years experience in Sina veteran financial news August 25th news, Thursday morning, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city tiaokongdikai, the market a recent high adjustment pattern, after opening quickly killed, in recent days the strong stocks become the main battlefield of the main funds sold, only brokerage stocks and shares of steel and other weight plates to support the market, but with little success. Afternoon opening, the concept of high transfer potential, the overall trend of the three major stock index rebounded. Ge Wealth: Friday market will rebound from the market all day long trend, not the probability of market continues to sell, and is expected to rely on the 20 line upward, so for tomorrow, the trend of the market investors do not have too much panic, not by no chance, if after again stepped back 20 days, so investors may be appropriate to participate in. Stock market: the market release of major market signal single needle bottom single needle bottom, a pressing matter of the moment is to recover quickly, to recover in line to let the market back on track. Heart: the market is expected to usher in a short-term rebound due to early fall appeared to accelerate and peatlands, indicates that the flesh disk appeared to leave the phenomenon, which makes the start point 3140 down trend is expected to come to an end, with the continued recovery in the afternoon market, there is reason to believe that the next short-term rebound in the market is expected to appear. Ding Dawei: hold the line 20 back is looking to buy tomorrow observation is not able to fill today’s upward gap, I think a great probability of the patch. The operation, just hold the line 20, is looking to buy back. Yu Hui: trends continue to strengthen confidence despite the bullish afternoon stock index rebounded, but the ship still remains a serious departure from the end support factor, stock index by tomorrow. A shares both horizontal and compared with other markets or with historical value, the valuation is still at a relatively reasonable interval, unchanged in view of long-term bullish. Johnson: alert mechanism of discord, the current should concentrate on the supply side reform and emerging industry integration growth, actively find and participate in the emerging high-tech industry, high growth and new economic cyclical stocks, don’t be fooled by antique institute or spokesperson. Chu Yun: for Zhongyang Friday volume or shrinking in the shade from the periphery, can be described as bad being implemented, there is something not to make groundless accusations, emotional infection, and from the recent market, new shares by the parties favored a plus, the gem is also independent of the trend, in other words, the leading cause of the market now is the main dish poor. The early period of Occupation: market adjustment space has enough but is not enough time to wait a daily market sell signal, of course, after the daily sell signal, is not just our point of purchase, it is only by the main say. At least for now, the main force in the anti market operations. The trend of friends: index do not fall down to do short-term positions to be closely staring at the surface atmosphere, again not to chase high, try to take the low trend, there are plenty of opportunities for cycle index volatility on low相关的主题文章: