From the end of the Gansu serial killer have someone girlfriend was bound to dance-lara fabian

From the end of the Gansu serial killer: have someone dancing girlfriend tied the original title: OPULENS serial killer sketch: two university entrance exam, hug his girlfriend tied dance village in Lanzhou city Yuzhong County River Town Green Village, the last time I saw Gao Chengyong, is ten days ago. At that time, he drove a van back to the village. After ten days of August 27th, informed the Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau, OPULENS "8· 05" series of female rape murder case successfully solved. From 1988 to 2002, Baotou City, Gansu Province, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Kundulun District, Baiyin District, has many incidents of rape female serial homicide cases, the first case of 28 years ago. A day earlier in August 26th, Gao Chengyong was arrested in Baiyin Industrial School canteen. The police preliminary trial, Gao Chengyong on the implementation of the rape murder crime 11 cases in May 1988 to February 2002, killing 11 people confessed to the crime. It has been widely attention. Finally to Gao Chengyong’s arrest shocked the country. Over the years, netizens suspect: repeated inference image metamorphosis, and hatred of women and introvert, unsociable and eccentric. For decades, Gao Chengyong has been working outside, rarely seen in the village. He left the impression that his hometown: filial piety. In the eyes of his classmates, he was silent, but there is a character and he does not match the hobby: dance. He was caught in a store near the barber shop owner’s eyes, he seemed quiet, like a school teacher". 28 years ago, "8· OPULENS; 05" series of female rape murder case first homicide occurred, 24 year old high Chengyong. Baiyin Industrial school is located in urban and rural areas, less people. Shao Ketu two plainclothes policeman Gao Chengyong traveling more than a year ago, Gao Chengyong came to the silver a closed-end management of the secondary vocational school silver industrial school, and the school canteen together to take care of his wife, reclusive. The school is located in the north of silver, near the North Ring Road, is the integration of urban and rural areas, a ring road is in front of the school building. According to the official website of the school, the school was founded in 1986, covers an area of more than and 70 acres. Gao Chengyong and his wife run canteen in the school in the East, near the school wall, next to the school cafeteria. Around ten o’clock on August 26th, the silver police visited the silver industry school. A security guard at the school gate, the police car parked in front of the door, the man asked him: is there a store inside the school? Security told the police that there was a shop on the east side of the school, and the police went in. About half an hour, a school construction personnel to see, two plainclothes people wear Gao Chengyong leave, "thought what ails him." Silver Industrial school a teacher on duty, about a year ago, Gao Chengyong came to his wife in the school store, the shop about three or four years ago by his wife took over the contract, two people daily life in the school, some students mainly sell daily necessities. August 28th at eight in the morning, surging news to see, the car of the four or five men and women in front of the store in front of a truck on the top of the pack and a number of daily necessities, bedding, and so on, the two cars. See someone coming, a few people quickly alert to enter the store, behind closed doors"相关的主题文章: