Full of memories! Evolution history of Internet cafes from CS to universal lol zhongguorentiyishu

Full of memories! Internet game evolution: from CS to LOL the author: rivers and lakes where gravel, there are bound to bring forth the new through the old, the future will have a game to reverse the current trend of Internet development, nobody knows. When the blood flow of the Internet arena to support more and more slowly, until the fresh blood of a difficult to continue, then the Internet game development history, this piece was noisy arena at this moment will be halted. The 1995 Beijing Haidian erected a huge billboard, read text from time to time to attract passers-by stopped to carefully try to figure out a vigorous development of the "Chinese how far away from the information highway, 1500 meters north" not only aroused China Internet origin of a future in Zhongguancun ten years also, lead Chinese into a new era. Set up the billboard, China Internet prototype "seaing Haiwei network science and Technology Museum" is founded at the time of the first Internet Co Chinese Ying Haiwei. For nearly twenty years, the Internet platform for the development of the Internet Chinese emerging not only the introduction of new ideas and a large number of low cost contacts and learning the Internet technology talent, also for leaping Chinese game industry forward, played a role in fueling. But only based on the history of the development of Internet cafes and dependence on the evolution of the Internet game, we can get a glimpse of what. An undeniable, whether it is China game player eternal RPG classic "Legend of Sword and Fairy" or RTS in the domestic spread, originally just "command & Conquer" one piece "Red Alert", and on their game game player become fashionable for a time China concept originally constructed. Most are concentrated in the Internet’s predecessor, computer room. No matter where you are regional how to address such a place, because the computer room does not offer or provide Internet access services in only a few sets of equipment, and the use of Internet services require higher costs, so that the game player here to experience the most stand-alone or LAN play game. When the PC platform on the picture is more delicate, the story is more close to the traditional culture and current events (such as the "Red Alert" opposition in the Soviet Camp) a large number of stand-alone RPG and RTS game show in the past most experience was limited to the Games in front of the Nintendo NES or small pa king game player, and dual role almost in a proper time and reality, computer room, which is the Internet’s predecessor, has become the most Chinese game player really into the game world first station. In the "Legend of Sword and Fairy", "sword", "Jin Yong legend", "command & Conquer", "age of Empires" such as RPG and RTS dominate the game at that time, the computer room and gave birth to the first batch of core game player, they are well-known clearance of these games, and began to look in at that time is very small but in the next few decades affect the entire game history of the game, and in its circle of friends gradually spread the charm of the game. In BBS and SNS is not developed in the years, through their word of mouth, "Tomb Raider", "diablo.相关的主题文章: