Fuzhou 17 year old middle school student community died because of learning problems blamed by his f-musiland

Fuzhou 17 year old middle school district had learning problems by dropping dead father blame Strait network September 29th hearing (Haidu reporter Xu Feng) yesterday, the netizen posted online, at 10 in the morning 27 days, near Fuzhou Taijiang District Road 817, occurrence of falls incident global international B, a 17 year old boy died after falling from upstairs. Yesterday, the reporter or the international community to the owners of more than 27 understanding, more than 10 points, a teenager from the district B District 1 building 30 floor roof falling, died. The owner Mr. Chen, he had heard a muffled, found wearing a blue shirt and jeans children face down in the area in front of the flower beds, he realized that there might be someone falls. Insiders told reporters that the boy was a middle school student, 17 year old boy, the public in the District, the day is the typhoon day holiday, the juvenile was home father blamed for learning and Internet problems, out to global international public, because nobody at home, I do not know why want to open. Yesterday, the reporter to the police confirmed that indeed someone falls, but for the specific information and the cause of death, the police said it is investigating to disclose.

福州17岁中学生小区坠亡 曾因学习问题被父亲责怪   海峡网9月29日讯(海都记者 徐丰) 昨日有网友在网上发帖称,27日上午10点左右,福州台江区八一七中路附近,群升国际B区发生坠楼事件,一名17岁少年从楼上坠下身亡。   昨日,记者向群升国际小区的多名业主了解,27日10点多,一名少年从小区B区1号楼30层楼顶坠下,不幸身亡。业主陈先生介绍,他当时听到一声闷响,发现一名身穿深蓝上衣和牛仔裤的孩子面朝下躺在了小区门前花坛中,他这才意识到可能是有人坠楼了。   有知情人告诉记者,少年是一名中学生,今年17岁,少年外公家在该小区,当天是台风天放假,少年因学习和上网问题被家中父亲责怪后,外出来到群升国际外公家,因家中无人,不知为何想不开。   昨日,记者也向警方证实了确有人坠楼一事,但对于死者具体信息和死亡原因,警方表示正在调查不便透露。相关的主题文章: