Fuzhou female new song Neda million Chinese won the best popular student award mentalist

Fuzhou female "new song" Chinese Neda Wan retrainees Award for best popular Fuzhou million girls Neda won the "best popular student" award, Na Ying Jay Chou, Harlem Yu, Wang Feng served as mentor "China song" new year first quarter finals in Beijing National Stadium "bird’s nest" started last night, after three rounds of competition, Wang Feng Jiang Dunhao won the final team the champion! Na Ying team Fuzhou million students last night Neda rewarding, in addition to return to the stage to bring Joker songsspun also won this season only a "best popular student" award! Although missed the championship race, but with high popularity, get together fifth million Neda captain Joker sing the "bird’s nest" opportunity for the finals to applaud. A set of infrared Joker sang the classic repertoire "ugly eight strange", in his sad and deep voice, singing a "give me a kiss" on the screen with the million Neda lips background brings unique domineering appearance, style of opening, but there is no sense of violation and strong contrast. See the netizen Neda million debut, micro-blog said: "see million Neda station to the ‘bird’s nest’ on the stage, I was relieved, she is the champion in my heart", "see again million Neda, no regrets, always support her". Last night, 000 Neda admitted in an interview with reporters, in the "bird’s nest" singing feel great! She admits that she hopes to bring more good music to everyone. What’s more, the first season of "the best popular student award ownership million Neda, she took the trophy from the hands of Na Ying (pictured). Last night the championship, to Wang Chenrui, Jiang Dunhao, Yang, Xu Geyang, Li Peiling and Yang Meina launched a round of fighting. The first round, mentor to students singing together, hand in hand to bring Jay Chou ocean adaptation of "shuangjiegun", Na Ying Li Peiling and Wang Chenrui to bring "love to love you lonely", "Harlem Yu and Yang Meina bring Wang Feng, Xu Geyang, decreed by fate", Jiang Dunhao with "full". The second round of six participants each concert, after a competition, the Jay Chou clan and clan Jiang Dunhao wins Wang Feng xiangyang. The third round, two people each sing a song. In the end, Jiang Dunhao won the championship with a combination of public voting and professional reviews! (reporter Chen Jianwen photo)相关的主题文章: