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The concept of | entertainment Zheng Shuang Father Sun daughter want is a voice and a sense of _ entertainment _ Tencent.com Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (Wen Huang Xiao) star star mom and Dad, dad has strong sense of Zheng Shuang. The day before his micro-blog share photos and emotion: Zheng Shuang grew up to have children for what? Family or children? Today, I finally heard a very touching answer: in order to participate in the growth of a life. Participation means giving and appreciating. No child is perfect, not for me not to help me fight face, pension. As long as the health of the existence of life, in this beautiful world, let us have a chance to go with them…… This passage is very beautiful, beautiful to cry…… So tell yourself: another way to love children! As long as they are healthy, happy enough! Ignore the subject of this passage, can be any child rearing parents bear bitter hardships feeling, but still feel wrong. Zheng Shuang is not just graduated from the University of entering the society ignorant white, Zheng dad is not still talking about "if my daughter is 15 years old love, I feel okay, do not think this is love, she unsuspectingly, adolescent first awakening interest in the opposite sex I think it is wonderful," Huang Lei. The relationship between him and his daughter is not a star and their adorable baby, his daughter is hundreds of hot search adult star, father released this kind of Long Yingtai "watched" section of emotion, is the discourse of the right to love and don’t give up on the stage. Ordinary parents, children at this age, the right to speak is limited. The children enter the society, or as little as possible to let parents worry about, or too old, parents communicate heart tired, most glossy, or mixed are not reported, was running wild. Parents in caring, children also smoke and mirrors, for conscience at home, you can take a child back and try to adjust to the harbor, in short, kind and generous The new supersedes the old. mentality. Close tied between the two generations, or too strong interference, are easy to leave the mishap. Cool dad that seems to be Zheng Shuang and Hu Yanbin compound response, the two people together, cool dad’s attitude has not been absent, and because of a big heart is a big radish radish announced the end of love. Now these words do not know whether to respect the choice of Zheng Shuang, happy with her happiness, as long as she is good. Another way to love her and not what she imposed, even so, still quite a strong declaration of unwilling to remain out of the limelight. Zheng Shuang in reality show, said he belongs to emotional quotient is not enough, not suitable for this industry. She had an argument with her father because she was not thin because she had forgotten to eat, she was worried that the audience did not like her fat. A little girl is too fat for entertainment, Zheng Shuang just before the round face, collagen rich, a dime with fat ah, after all, because of the weight change, become the topic of the city, is rarely. Zheng Shuang after the debut of the movement, including the right to run to surgery, including romance with Zhang Han taut, love is in love and care, this uncertainty is to lose more fall behind that old woman style simply retreat, is not confident, do not identify themselves, from appearance to nature, from the ability to appeal. Such a beautiful girl, Song Dandan speech, micro (for) what.相关的主题文章: