Gang pay advertisement fee 2 million – Beijing express consignment by fake collection 5 million 300

Express consignment of counterfeit Gang use collection 5 million 300 thousand pay advertisement fee of 2 million – Beijing Legal Network reporter Ding Guofeng legal network correspondent Ma Qiang counterfeit Gang registered shell companies, using the Internet to promote the publication of false advertising, and to cooperate with the regular courier company, dry cargo payment to sell drugs business. Just a year, only by courier companies on the collection of more than 530 yuan loan. The day before, the Huaian province Jiangsu city Hongze District procuratorate prosecution, the court of first instance to the production and sale of counterfeit crime of Luo Min, Luo Erbao, Xu Meixiu reports three people sentenced to imprisonment for three years to eleven years, ranging from fines to eight million and one hundred. Undocumented clinics seized "suspicious courier" in October 2014, the Hongze police received the alarm local residents Chan, reflect their own was a black clinic "doctor" cheat "fake" taking the unknown source or origin of his body, causing extreme discomfort and illness. After receiving the report, the public security organs in the investigation, quickly put on suspicion of selling counterfeit "doctor" captured Sun Biao, and from the residence and found "Fengshigutong capsule" and "Fengshishengyao" drug box and dozens of unknown source or origin of more than and 60 suspected network consumers express a single. The food and drug supervision and management departments to identify, the batch of drugs for approval of counterfeit impersonation. According to Sun Biao account, he did not actually practice qualifications, just relying on medical knowledge learned from the Internet, opened a so-called "Chinese health club", and in the online shopping form of drug for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, and other chronic diseases. Ms. Chen take "Fengshigutong capsule" is Sun Biao in the Internet to see a Wuhan pharmaceutical company advertising investment, contact a man named Yang manager man purchased. Sun Biao also explained that the other side is delivered by courier company, the drug is also collected by the courier company. To pull "shell company" in November 8th, a joint task force of the establishment of the Hongze food and Drug Administration and the Public Security Bureau of Hubei decided to go to Wuhan to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the clues. Follow the clues left on the courier, investigators quickly found the so-called Wuhan, a drug company and is responsible for the delivery of logistics express delivery of two courier. As the investigators prepare to find the relevant staff to talk, a Wuhan pharmaceutical company responsible person Chen is accused of producing and selling fake medicines by the local public security organs xingju. In cooperation with the local police, the ad hoc group raided chen. Chen explained, Hongze Ms. Chen to take drugs, and not their own sales of counterfeit drugs, but another drugs trafficking yang to the production and sale of the two person partnership established a "shell company", and relying on the two Wuhan express company cooperation, their own so-called "commodity sales". Chen also confessed, in counterfeit industry, all use a pseudonym tacitly, their working with each other for 9 months, just met a few times, do not understand each other. Case consciousness is in a stalemate. Trinidad chase destroyed the dens "while all people think cases may be put aside, a detail Chen explained by the ad hoc group of the person in charge of electricity相关的主题文章: