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Gas milk = poisonous milk? Do not give your baby when you are angry – Sohu maternal and Child Science magazine (American Science Magazine) published a sudden sudden infant milk news. Following: a nursing mother, half past five in the morning after feeding the baby, less than ten minutes, the sudden death of the child…… Sad parents will be sent to the hospital for examination of the child’s body, looking for the cause of sudden death of children, laboratory results found that the child was poisoned to death. It is surprising that the child died because of his mother’s milk. How will the mother body produce poisonous milk? After the doctor and the mother recalled that, in feeding before two couples quarreled bitterly at about five o’clock in the morning, because of his mother’s anger, leading to a large number of toxin secretion in vivo. For adults, the toxic effects on the body is not fatal, but for infants, young body was unable to resist the invasion of toxins, baby drink milk, eventually lost their lives. Although this report is not credible, but when her mother is angry, or do not feed milk. Mother breastfeeding when there is a taboo, for example, when the mother is angry can not give the baby breast feeding. Why can’t you feed your mother when she’s angry? Here to answer for everyone. Most mothers know that the nutritional status of mother milk will affect the quality of breast milk, but many mothers do not know, the mother’s mother’s mood will also affect the quality of breast milk. So, if the mother is very angry, it is best not to give your baby to calm down after feeding, etc.. Breast feeding, is the current promotion of rearing methods, as mothers know to maintain a high quality diet, pay attention to life regulation and ensure adequate sleep. However, some young mothers ignore the mental state of breast-feeding, often one side of the fight to the baby breast feeding, this is not good. Because when angry, often secrete toxins, then inhaled milk poisoning in infants. Family situation analysis by researchers at a large hospitals in the United States in 1021 retardation 1 ~ 3 years old children, found 621 children noisy divorce in lactation for parents, although part of the couple finally reconciled, but because lactation mother spirit is not good, often angry, the body often produce harmful the baby milk toxin, and through inhalation, the baby organs affected even poison, the body’s immune function is low and susceptible to various diseases, such as nervous system was different. Each stunted. Experts remind that breast-feeding mothers do not get angry or just give birth to baby feeding. To maintain sufficient milk, lactating mothers in addition to have enough sleep and rest, avoid mental and emotional instability, listen to music, read some books, do some exercise, through a variety of ways to stabilize their emotions, try to keep peace of mind, to ensure quality and the amount of milk secretion will play a better role. No matter how big the emotional challenge is, remember to be happy, calm and healthy! Special.相关的主题文章: