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Inspirational Want to get over yourself and be success in your life? The best way to do that is the change your attitude and become a more confident person that can connect with others. I have found the best way to do that is to actually practice the art of connecting and leadership. How is the best way to do that, join Toastmasters. I actually joined Toastmasters to get to know a bunch of people who were business people that could introduce me to other people to grow my business. Then I found out that it was about more than that. It was about growth and becoming a better communicator and leader. Most people really dont know what Toastmasters is about. They think its about toasting and giving speeches or something. I really wasnt sure either until I joined. The best thing that I ever did in my life was joining Toastmasters. The club has totally changed who I am. That is getting more and more difficult since Im now 59 years old. You would think I was beyond all of that. But I guess I am still the kind of person who wants to grow and change no matter what my age. Even my husband at 61 has made a transformation. When you join Toastmasters and actually get into it you learn that when you give the first 10 speeches you start to change, but when you give 10 more you become even more confident. Then you get over yourself a bit more and decide to go into the leadership track. You do things for the club, like help them plan parties and contests. Then you go all out and become a club officer. Then if you really want to get out there you become a district officer. All of these positions will change the way you think about yourself, give you leadership abilities, and help you develop as a leader. I started out just like everyone else not knowing what I was doing. I soon became a club officer and now Im a district officer and I have only been in the club a little over a year. If you really want to become a better person and a better leader joining Toastmasters will really help you do that. If you are afraid of giving speeches in front of people, get over yourself, because the environment it very non-judgmental. The other club members are really there to help you out and help you grow as a person. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: