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The concept of "shadow survey grand track" won the praise of good effects: even Sina entertainment news on the evening of 29, directed by Guo Jingming [micro-blog], hotties gathered "grand track" was finally released. This is known as the first domestic real CG since the movie trailer was a lot of criticism, many users Tucao video effects much like cutout animation. Now finally and the audience, the first time to the premiere, the first batch of audience interview. You know what? The general view of the audience is that the film was very good, before being Tucao effect was also praised the best in recent years in china"! The box office, released from the cat’s eye on the data, "grand track" midnight on Thursday a national show 9258 times, with 4.4% of the row piece with 8 million 430 thousand, higher than the "time" series of the highest zero field box office nearly 1 million, but did not break the "embarrassed" Hong Kong made films hit 10 million 900 thousand last year under the zero field box office records. As of 30 a.m., "grand track" on the first day of 16 million 400 thousand at the box office, temporarily occupy the top position. After the three premiere audience applauded Wang source [micro-blog] self acting is good evening at 7 o’clock, the time came to the premiere, the auditorium full, directed by Guo Jingming, starring Fan Bingbing, Wu Yifan, [micro-blog] Chen Xuedong, Yang Mi, Wang Yuan, Amber Kuo [micro-blog] [micro-blog] William Chan, [micro-blog], Aarif Lee [micro-blog], Yan Yikuan, Lin Yun [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Wang Duo Qi Shuashua sat in the audience, and the scene of nearly more than and 900 spectators watched the movie. When the film ends rolling subtitles, the first applause rings. As the country’s first live CG movie, just from the subtitles can be seen. Among the large dense names, are behind the film’s technical personnel. After the end of the audience, the audience applauded again. The main office, Guo Jingming first to technical personnel and technical personnel to greet, please stand up, accept the audience’s applause third times. Aarif Lee, Yan Yi wide then emphasized that the actor only in front of a green screen to do the most easy job, the effect at the end of the film are late a lot of technical personnel to boil out. The actors, "grand track" network is currently one of the hottest hotties, one can carry out up to a movie. The collective action, powder absorbing capacity certainly should not be overlooked. Wang Yuan is the youngest, but the spot is not weak. The first movie he recalled that at the time when the film is particularly awkward, but saw feel acting is good, the site attracted fans shouting support. The film was very good, was awarded the "best special effects in China" the hall then came to the door, interviewed the audience. The general perception is that the film beyond expectations to be Tucao effects, the audience also gave a high evaluation, like the "best in China in recent years". But have not read the original will not affect the perception of the audience experience, said he did not read the book, but did not affect the understanding. Although the overall evaluation of the film is very good, but also the audience said that the film in the plot is slightly weak, a hasty end place transforms, too eager, obviously is to pave the way for second. Special effects should be the most concerned about the issue. Director)相关的主题文章: