Guangdong Xinyi won the China of filial piety culture of the township title by the Chinese good prai-truffe

Guangdong Xinyi won the "China of filial piety culture of the township" title by the Chinese good praise – Beijing, China News Agency, Maoming, September 26 (Liang Shengliang Jingjing) in Guangdong city of Xinyi 26 and awarded the "China filial piety cultural village" plaque, more than the ancestral home of Xinyi overseas Chinese filial piety won praise for good deeds. Xinyi overseas Chinese living abroad, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots more than 530 thousand people, Guangdong is the focus of overseas chinese. Xinyi maintains the simple folk of filial piety, filial piety has accumulated rich and colorful cultural connotation of filial piety, respect parents, conduct, the emergence of many parents, filial children typical ci. According to statistics, only in recent years, Xinyi city has 3 people were named "China good", 3 people selected for the Guangdong good ", and" Guangdong 100 mother "2," the most beautiful family in Guangdong "4 households," Maoming moral model 5, Maoming good 6. According to the Xinyi Municipal Bureau of civil affairs, Gangbao Liu Jun in memory of his parents and filial piety, has donated heavily to build named mother Luo Shaoxiu’s name in Xinyi City, Xinyi City, Shao Shao Xiu stadium show large library, Po Chi Dong Shao Xiu primary school in his hometown, named after the name of the father of the Chi Dong Liu Shi Road and other livelihood financed project?. In 2012, Liu Jun also donated 1 million Hong Kong dollars and 300 thousand yuan to build homes for the pool pool hole, hole town elderly have a warm home, at home, he would go to the pool hole home to visit the elderly in hospital, as they send greetings and blessings. Last October, Liu Jun learned that Chi Dong Town Health Center construction has been unable to meet the needs of local people, immediately donated 3 million yuan to promote the building of hospitals launched the construction of Chi dong. In addition, Malaysia Xian Lee Hyo, a founding father of a country martial sweet love home, enthusiastic about public welfare, education facilities has for the Xinyi Chinese high school, Xinyi high school teaching building, donated classrooms, libraries, and the establishment of Gansu martial scholarship foundation. Li Shao, Li Mei Gangbao in Jing and Lin Shunzhong Gan martial rural love feelings touched, have also joined the scholarship fund will jointly set up a Li Lin scholarship, gansu. (end)相关的主题文章: