Guangzhou cracked about 40000000 yuan of illegal absorbing record victims more than 400 people – Bei-ghost observer

Guangzhou cracked about 40000000 yuan of illegal absorbing record victims more than 400 people – Beijing new network in Guangzhou in September 13, (Cheng Jingwei Liu Sijia Joey Leung) 13, according to the Guangzhou police bulletin, Guangzhou Baiyun police cracked a day before the about 40000000 yuan of illegal deposits from the public case, criminal detention of 7 suspects. The Guangdong black a group claiming to be "a set of financial equity investment, real estate, television media, brand planning as one of the diversified and comprehensive large-scale group company". Guangzhou police in April this year, held in Jiangxi Ganzhou, Guangdong Guangzhou, Zhuhai and other places including the company responsible person arrested Wu (male, 46 years old, Guangzhou people), 7 suspects. According to the suspect confessed, in 2014, Wu invested about 1 million yuan, began to operate Guangdong black group. He return on investment of 1% to 2% hired intermediary occupation Lee (male, 45 years old, Jiangxi people) et al., the use of false items, have promised high returns to attract investors. Their main goal is to have some spare cash, but not at the crowd to participate in the investment, especially the retired elderly. To persuade an investor to join in the success, the group constantly encouraged investors starting from surrounding relatives, persuading more people to participate in the investment, called "money earns together". Some people who participate in "investment" after tasting the high interest of sweetness, and then introduced to their relatives and friends. According to police statistics, as of May this year, the number of people being cheated in Guangdong black of a group of "investment" more than 400 people, preliminary estimates the company suspected of illegally absorbing public deposits amounted to more than 4000 yuan. Guangzhou police, the suspect Wu absorbed investment funds, in addition to part of the arrangements for organizing lectures, free travel and other activities, the other part is put on the shoot, buy "black pay", "a black circle" software, thereby expanding the influence, enhance credibility. (end)

广州破获4000多万元非法吸存案 受骗者逾400人-中新网   中新网广州9月13日电 (程景伟 刘斯嘉 梁荣忠)据广州警方13日通报,广州白云警方日前侦破一宗涉案4000多万元的非法吸收公众存款案件,依法刑事拘留犯罪嫌疑人7名。   涉案的广东黑某集团自称是“集金融股权投资、房地产、影视传媒、品牌策划为一体的多元化经营及全方位的大型集团公司”。广州警方于今年4月开始,先后在江西赣州、广东广州、珠海等地抓获了包括该公司负责人吴某(男,46岁,广州人)在内的7名嫌疑人。   据嫌疑人供述,2014年吴某投资约100万元,开始运作广东黑某集团。他以投资回报率的1%至2%聘请了中介职业人李某(男,45岁,江西人)等人,利用编造的虚假项目、承诺高额回报招揽投资人。他们的主要目标是针对一些手中有一定“闲钱”,对投资并不精通却又想参与的人群,尤其是离退休的中老年人。   在成功说服一个投资人加入后,该集团不停鼓动投资人从周边亲友入手,说服更多人参与投资,美其名曰“有钱一起赚”。一些参与“投资”的民众在尝到高额利息甜头后,继而又向其亲戚、朋友介绍。据警方统计,截至今年5月份,受骗参与广东黑某集团“投资”的民众人数超过400人,初步估算该公司涉嫌非法吸收公众存款金额高达4000余万元。   广州警方透露,嫌疑人吴某所吸收的投资资金,除了一部分用于安排讲座、组织免费旅游等活动外,另一部分则投入在拍摄广告、购买“黑某支付”、“黑某商圈”软件,从而扩大公司影响,增强可信度。(完)相关的主题文章: