Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander released pre-sale price of 160 thousand -24 yuan, car – mkdv-02

Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander released pre-sale price of 160 thousand -24 yuan, car — Changsha (Hu Yigong) in August 27, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander officially released in August 26th, 2.0L and 2.4L will launch a new car or a total of 4 models, the price range of 160 thousand -24 million. Domestic models in the appearance of consistent with the imported version, using the latest MITSUBISHI family style design, we can only identify the identity of the rear of the GAC MITSUBISHI logo. The interior, the continuation of the domestic outlander seven seat layout import version, this is the only market segments in the car equipped with 7 seats. Configuration, the domestic version of the control screen in order to change the size of the larger touch screen, and support for Baidu Carlife mobile Internet, easier to use. Power, domestic outlander is still equipped with 2.0L and 2.4L two naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power was 110kW and 124kW, peak torque of 190Nm and 235Nm. Among them, the 2.4L engine torque slightly higher than the imported version of the model 15Nm. The two match engine is CVT gearbox, with models still equipped with four-wheel drive system S-AWC. To the domestic status, price and location of the Outlander fell to the level of joint venture compact SUV. These are the Japanese is its next largest competitor joint venture compact SUV Honda CR-V, TOYOTA RAV4 and Nissan Chun rong. In addition, other such as Volkswagen Tiguan, Buick, Ford and other keangkewei maverick joint venture compact SUV will compete with the outlander. The Outlander in body size and the opponent is similar to Japanese competitors with the same dynamic parameters using the naturally aspirated engine remained the same, but the 7 seat design itself is no rivals, is one of the highlights of the car. Comments: 1-7 months of this year, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI’s two models of a total of sales of 20 thousand and 900, down by 38.38%. The importance is self-evident to the Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander, strategic models to boost its sales. From the product point of view, outlander is menacing, except in the localization of the domestic quality, not fall outside the sale price also slightly lower than the same level of competition, price is greatly improved. For GAC MITSUBISHI itself is not a small sales base of the enterprise, a burst models enough to make the sales of earth shaking changes. The good reputation of MITSUBISHI itself in the aspects of hardcore off-road will be given to the Outlander more feelings, it moved to the target consumer group is not difficult. As long as the capacity to keep up with the channel, the Outlander is likely to be in the compact SUV market the most potential product. (commissioning editor Li Zhuo and Dou Ming)相关的主题文章: