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Guo Xiaodong plans to join the "second spring": my wife and I agree – Beijing, directed by Yazhou Yang, Jiang Wenli, Li Xiaoran, Guo Xiaodong starred in the TV series "Hey kid," is currently being hit yesterday, the drama starring Guo Xiaodong through the WeChat interview with this reporter, said he is looking forward to the arrival of a "second child", "I and his wife want to join this tide". Called attention to the loss of independence groups have a family of this difficult to read, in a variety of birth, the sound of life or not born, it is really a century problem". "Hey," children of Chinese family of three siblings all have trouble, three couples show three different marital status and children parenting ideas, including Jiang Wenli (Fang Yun ornaments), Guo Xiaodong (Qin Shuanzhu ornaments) as a loss of independence for the couple, they want to have a child, but because of physical reasons and dreams burst. Guo Xiaodong said: "a doctor of Obstetrics and gynecology is also a doctor who lost his family alone, there are many stories worth exploring. This role is very child, the director gave me a lot of space to play, can be said to be a very willful performance." Played the role of Guo Xiaodong, the loss of single family groups have deep empathy, "at the age of forty or fifty, loss of independence, is very painful, because there is no hope…… This pain is a lifetime, can not be diluted. Even a child can’t heal the pain of losing a child. There are millions of families who have lost their independence, and they need more people to be warm and caring." Plans to join the "second force" "Hey," the children of Chinese parenting view, Guo Xiaodong said: "I am a very traditional person, love a child. Of course, I respect the DINK family, I respect everyone’s choice." Guo Xiaodong was born in 1974, 2007 with fellow actors Lisha Cheng tied the knot, the son was born in 2010. Now Guo Xiaodong has been ready for the "second tide": "my wife and I agree, without any differences." Usually get along with children, Guo Xiaodong is a strict father? Guo Xiaodong smiled and said: "I’m not strict, my wife is strict mother. Because I rarely have the opportunity to take the son, so still hope to be in a fatherly image. As long as I don’t shoot, try to accompany him to play, English, skate, a variety of outdoor activities I will take him to." He also said: "the children not their own pensions, raising children in the parents of their own is a kind of growth — can enjoy the parents of a child to care about themselves, and watch their children every day colorful growth, is very happy, the most important is to raise a child. Let us Thanksgiving life, Thanksgiving I can have a happy family." Reporter Sun Huan相关的主题文章: