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H-1B visa as an accomplice American downsizing? Trump vowed to guide Sohu technology according to the unhealthy trend of U.S. President elect Trump (Donald Trump) announced the first 100 days of mobile plan, the reform of the visa regulations will increase penalties overdue detention of foreign workers, and ensure the work opportunity to give priority to American job seekers. British Financial Times reported on 12, according to the testimony of the contents of vice professor of public policy at Howard University of Ronil Hira in the United States Senate, through H-1B (professional staff visa) employ a large number of foreign workers, the average salary is usually low technology. 2013 U.S. software engineers pay median $101400. During 2010-2014 Infosys, Cognizant Tech, Solutions TCS and Wipro H-1B respectively by employing 31861, 29676, 27193 and 26540 foreign workers, the average salary of these 4 companies are not more than $70 thousand. In February this year Trump invited a by Disney (Walt Disney) fired Technology Department staff appearing in the campaign site, how they are due to the H-1B statement (introduction of foreign low-cost labour) and lose their jobs. Peter Thiel is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist of the election only open behind Trump Silicon Valley heavyweight, he has been invited to enter the presidential transition team. As a German born he can change the Trump on foreign technology workers attitude has drawn attention. The Wall Street Journal reported on 11, Trump after winning the election for the first time in an interview with the media reiterated his list of the first 100 days of mobile commitment: modify the international trade agreement, through tariffs to deter American enterprise production line will be moved to other countries. In October 2016 the United States Semiconductor and electronic components manufacturing employment month minus 1300 to 356 thousand and 600, a record low since statistics began in 1985, a record high (January 2001 714 thousand and 500) reduction of violence 50%. Last week released data show that in September 2016 the United States Information Industry vacancies (not seasonally adjusted) annual reduction of 14.5%, ninth consecutive months less than a year earlier level, the highest since August 2007 to November 2009, the longest downturn record. The Wall Street Journal reported on October 4th, MPF Research statistics, affected by increased supply and employment growth slowed in the third quarter of this year, including San Francisco (down 3.1%) and New York (down 1.1%), Houston, San Jose (San Jose) the apartment rents appear the first time since 2010 fell. (by MoneyDJ News reported that the first figure authorized reprint;相关的主题文章: