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Halloween brush burst circle of friends, no face man, remover true colors announced! Sohu is the mother and child in the morning of Halloween is a group of photos brainwashed? Give you a look at Amway this fast circle powder 420 thousand kid she attended kindergarten organization Halloween party, mother was dressed as a film "spirited away" in the "faceless" and the explosion of red, a face of this kind of netizens praising cute adorable. Don’t look at the picture of a face of bitterness, in fact this kid is laughing quite small beautiful girl oh! On! It’s a girl’s paper! This pretty creative mom was born today. Less than three year old little Meng officially become a new generation of network traffic! Everyone is concerned about: why not smile? Does she want to be ugly? After all, the rest of the girls were wearing princess dresses and waving little wands! In fact, Ma before makeup with Meng Meng Meng to discuss, agree to do so. Two year old little girl called acting winner ah! Today on the way home from work, see a lot of people kneel to their ancestors rather baffling burning on the ground. Heard many people complain Chinese forgot this, not only did the foreign Halloween Ghost Festival, and in fact, always care for their loved ones, a sustenance during the development of the times are tolerant. Space time one more emotional output is a great comfort to the living. Eleven during a friend’s mother, died suddenly falls. This is his first to worship mother wept holiday, why should we make the way? He doesn’t care about the festival itself, only care about the day he can pour out the logical stagnation, feel the so-called soul as the shadow follows the form. For kindergarten baby, Chinese and western festivals have to understand more about the world, is a channel of rich folk knowledge just hope that teachers and parents not to holidays and festivals, not only teach children to "trick or treat!" This sentence. Give the children more about the story behind the story, history and other cultural connotations, so that the children in a relaxed understanding of kindergarten activities outside the broader world.      相关的主题文章: