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Hangzhou East Railway Station hit the driver to ride for half an hour by the way yesterday morning, a netizen in a forum about his experience in the train station by taxi. The users in the post description, own a car reservation network about the car, the other is the driver, can be left and right, always can not wait to this car, also in the middle of the telephone communication several times, the other is not to recognize the road, is a Luchi, waiting for half an hour, the car arrived. Post, many netizens expressed sympathy. Some netizens said that the train station is too big, can not find the way, is actually very normal. Do not say the driver, a lot of men in the past, it is estimated that the north can not touch, and even went to many times may not be able to find. But many netizens think, although such as train station place is special, the driver does not recognize the road excusable, but usually at ordinary urban road, the driver does not recognize the phenomenon is indeed more than men. Yesterday, we also interviewed a few women who usually drive a car, ask them to talk about the usual driving situation. In Hangzhou 16 years I only know the sea level, Fengqi road and Qingchun Road, Ms. Chen, 35 years old, 11 years of driving experience. I was born to the road. My hometown in Shaoxing, 16 years in Hangzhou, 2005 test driver’s license. Arguably, Hangzhou road should be very familiar with, but you are not afraid of a joke, I now know the sea level, Fengqi road and Qingchun Road, three parallel lines of the road, all the other do not know. Even if I know this three way, but if you are in the sea level and the intersection of a road, I don’t know. Remember a word, don’t say anything with the East and West, not clear, I only know about. For example, I will go back home every three weeks, Shaoxing to Hangzhou high-speed I opened several hundred times. Last week I returned to Hangzhou from his home, originally in Hangzhou Desheng mouth under the high-speed, I remember, when I react, it was too late. Later, the car drove to Yuhang, it is difficult to find a hole under the high-speed, scared me to cry in the car for a long time. I often need to talk about cooperation on the outside and a business partner, a unit in Xiasha CMC nearby, but I do not know the specific location, so I used navigation. To the CMC, navigation said the destination has been, but I can not find, at least seven or eight laps around the administrative committee, or did not find. Finally I had to ask someone to pull over. Funny thing is, that unit in my parking lane in the alley, but I was 200 meters, was really stupid to cry. There is a time to Mogan Mountain to see the venue, go to the place for the first time, so I can only navigation. Drove into a village to the nearby and call each other, the other said in the mountains, and I have seen the car, I also see people in the mountains towards me, but I just can’t find the way up the mountain. Because he was constantly on the phone with me in a hole on the north side up, it makes me confused. Disoriented you remember shops, clothing stores, coffee shops, cosmetics shop where Lady, 33 years old, 8 years of driving experience. I was in 2008 to get a driver’s license, immediately bought a car, mainly to shuttle children. At the time my husband and I bought a house in Binjiang, 4 blocks away from the child’s kindergarten, but are crooked, and turn left and right.相关的主题文章: