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Hengfeng bank in an eventful year infighting storm is not flat is refers to the exit P2P depository fund Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! An eventful year Hengfeng bank is far from over. The storm is not solved the infighting, sources said yesterday, Hengfeng bank will give P2P fund custody business platform. As of press time reporter, did not receive Hengfeng bank reply, but related insider confirmed the news. Although the United depository model has not received regulatory affirmation, but the industry for Prudential Bank out of the market approach also failed to understand. Yesterday, there was news that Hengfeng bank will abandon P2P platform funds depository business, online depository system platform may return within 3 months, including on-line and not on the line. The news came out, immediately triggered a hot market. Although many have access to funds Hengfeng bank depository system platform that has not yet received the relevant information, but informed sources, the news is really true. "We have not received notice of the Hengfeng, our project is still normal and banks", the wealth relevant responsible person said. As of press, Hengfeng bank has not yet made a reply. In fact, as early as 2015, Prudential Bank has layout fund custody business, and joint chinapnr build joint funds managed mode. This P2P Hengfeng bank to build joint custody mode used by many Third Party Payment institutions and P2P platform of the blitz. According to the net loan home July statistics, Hengfeng bank completed a number of on-line platform most 14 on-line platform funds depository system, and has 21 platforms signed a depository agreement after Huaxing bank in terms of quantity. In the industry view, net loan deposit management business profits are also considerable. For the Prudential Bank is suffering from an eventful year, suddenly exposed out net loan funds depository market, the industry also confused. Some analysts believe that, mainly because of the current regulatory policy considerations. In mid August, the CBRC issued a "depository business network lending funds to banks under the guidelines (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "guidelines"), put forward the "depository bank should not be outsourced or borne by the partner institutions, shall not be entrusted to net loan institutions and the third party agency issued by the trading settlement funds and the borrower the deposit account", combined with Prudential Bank mode of direct impact. However, there are those who pointed out that the platform, the Hang Seng Bank can implement a direct depository mode, do not need such an extreme cut this business. It is understood that the current bank and P2P platform funds depository cooperation has three modes, namely bank direct, direct deposit pipe and joint custody. A senior researcher at the Institute of finance Xue Hongyan said Suning, Prudential Bank suspended P2P platform funds depository business, there should be compliance considerations. As the access platform is the largest number of bank, Prudential Bank as early as in the "guidelines" issued before began to vigorously layout P2P platform funds depository business, and to the joint custody mode. After the introduction of the new fund management相关的主题文章: