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Her aunt collective public: Laundry river water is not assured – Sohu news in the river washing clothes of the public. Recently, Ms. Zhang, who lives in Banan Yudong Binjiang road to the Chongqing Morning News Hotline 966966 to reflect the recent weather, to the river washing people in a continuous line of white foam with water, large waves, the shore is dirty. Ms. Zhang said that this will not only affect the water quality of the Yangtze River, there are still a lot of security risks. The river became the "laundry pool" yesterday morning 9 am, Chongqing morning news reporters came to the car ferry wharf Yudong river. People are not to see a lot of wharf shoal, foam floating on the river, clouds floated downstream. Along the direction of the bubble drift, at a pier, there are more than 10 women gathered together, while cleaning clothes, chatting, the big bubble is from their hands. In addition to the bubble, there is also a lot of scattered floating garbage, some are discarded in the laundry, a snack bags, there are also other garbage. The river washing clothes are old habits Liu Auntie lived in Hong Kong Day usually Yudong building, to wash clothes. She said, this usually wash clothes to many people, the weekend more people sometimes have to stagger the peak, or to grab "good position", "more than 6 o’clock in the morning began to busy." At the scene, laundry army mainly to fifty or sixty year old aunt based. Aunt Liu said, they also know that many people oppose the washing in the river, but she joked, changed bad". "Our generation, born in rural areas, live here, some habits also brought over." Speaking of laundry may cause pollution to the river, Liu aunt shook his head again and again: We used to eat in a river, for decades, did not see the pollution of the environment." People worry about water pollution at the river clear, or microorganisms, personal clothes is not health in the river." Liu aunt’s daughter said to the woman, in addition, she is also very worried about the safety of her mother. "A fifty or sixty year old aunt squeeze washing clothes in the river, my mother can not swim, in case of an accident, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate." Many people are on the negative attitude in the river washing. "Come here to wash clothes very many people, again walked wave wave, especially in the morning and evening." Mr. Xu said the restaurant operates in the vicinity of the terminal, there are people with clothing, bed sheets, quilt to "wash" the river every day, there are bold directly to the river to wash station. Laundry foam, stains, sewage directly into the Yangtze River, become a landscape". "The front is not far from the Yudong a water source protection area, so many people to wash clothes but also to talk about the protection of ah, we are pumping water from the Yangtze River to eat, now water is not assured." Mr. Xu said. The laundry river pollution of river water to increase inspection efforts to promptly discouraged riverside laundry, the Chongqing morning news reporter contacted the Banan District Yudong Street comprehensive management office. Comprehensive management office staff said, this problem has become a "chronic illness for many years here". "The river washing clothes, there are some places in the Yangtze River yudong. We don’t have the right to enforce the law.相关的主题文章: