How about the new car network consultation response people will return to the didi taxi

How about the new car network consultation response: people will return to the taxi drops to         data figure: July 28th, Shanxi Taiyuan people, the use of network about car service. China News Agency reporter Wu Junjie photo     Beijing in October 8, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places today announced the service management solutions about network car draft, caused great concern. "Drops of travel" this afternoon in the official micro-blog responded that way about car service network management draft will affect hundreds of millions of users and millions of net net about car about car drivers to a great extent. By said, local governments on the net about vehicle wheelbase (more than 2700mm) and displacement (1750 ml, 1.8T or 2.0L), vehicle access time (less than two years and about new car) car driver must have local household registration, virtually raise the threshold of access standards, is the number of control in disguise. This will lead to: 1) a sharp drop in vehicle supply. Take Shanghai as an example, according to drop platform statistics, currently engaged in the car about the network meet the requirements of the new wheelbase, less than 15; 2) the driver substantially reduced. Such as Shanghai has activated more than 41 drivers, only less than 10 thousand drivers have Shanghai local household register; 3) net fare doubled. Network about cars are relatively affordable pricing, mainly because the civilian vehicle itself sharing society, will increase the operating costs with the above requirements, such as the Audi A4L Passat models provide net about car service, or will be up to two times the net about the local taxi fare price or above; 4) significantly reduce the efficiency of travel. Roughly estimated, the waiting time will be extended from the current average of 5 minutes to more than 15 minutes, and because of the supply shortage, it may reappear the driver picking passengers. Responded that the local rules and restrictions on the household registration and the vehicle will make the most of every platform currently serve the people of the vehicle and the driver is forced out, unable to continue around the public to provide convenient, affordable mobile travel service. People will also face the hate of long "hit a taxi", "taxi expensive" old situation. And the high displacement of vehicle access will also increase the urban environmental pressure. 多地网约车新政征意见 滴滴回应:百姓将重回打车难     资料图:7月28日,山西太原,民众使用网约车服务。 中新社记者 武俊杰 摄     中新网10月8日电 北京、上海、深圳等地今日公布网约车经营服务管理办法征求意见稿,引发高度关注。“滴滴出行”今日下午在其官方微博回应称,多地网约车经营服务管理办法征求意见稿将在很大程度上影响数亿网约车用户和千万网约车司机。   滴滴称,地方政府对网约车轴距(≥2700mm)、排量(≥1750毫升,≥1.8T或2.0L)、车辆准入年限(≤两年新车)以及网约车驾驶员必须有当地户籍的规定,无形中抬高了门槛准入标准,是变相的数量管控。   此举将导致:   1)车辆供给骤减。以上海为例,据滴滴平台统计,目前从事网约车的车辆符合新轴距要求的,不足1 5;   2)司机大幅减少。如上海已激活的41万余司机中,仅有不到1万名司机具有上海本地户籍;   3)网约车车费翻倍。网约车定价之所以相对实惠,主要是因为社会共享车辆本身的平民性,要求用帕萨特、奥迪A4L等以上的车型提供网约车服务必然提高运营成本,或将抬高网约车费到当地出租车价格的两倍或以上;   4)出行效率大幅降低。粗略估算,等待时长将从目前平均5分钟延长到15分钟以上,同时因为供不应求,可能会再现司机挑乘客的情况。   回应称,地方细则对户籍和车辆的严格限制将使得绝大多数滴滴平台上目前服务老百姓的车辆和司机被迫退出,无法继续为各地市民提供便利、实惠的移动出行服务。老百姓亦将重新面对痛恨已久的“打车难”、打车贵的旧况。而高排量的车辆准入也将增加城市环境压力。相关的主题文章: