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Self-Improvement A couple months ago an executive for a Large Beverage .pany came to me looking for help with her confidence when speaking in public. Jill had to prepare and present a lecture on the new marketing initiative that her team was preparing for their largest beverage to an audience of just over 2,000 co-workers and vendors. Needless to say, Jill was a little tense about it. Jill suffered from the three major challenges that all of us suffer from to some degree. Jill had a self concept challenge and as such didn’t feel that she could do a good job speaking about the marketing plan. It was as if what she had to say wasn’t important. Secondly, Jill felt inadequate because she .pared herself to others and reasoned that her abilities were much less refined than others. Finally, Jill felt self-conscious about standing in front of others – which is created from a deep seated belief of being unattractive. Hypnosis is the ideal way to over.e self-image and self-concept issues, and through it I was able to help Jill over.e these issues and help her give a great speech with confidence in herself while maintaining a calm demeanor. The first thing we did was to help Jill organize her information and practice it. After she created the speech that she felt would knock her co-workers socks off, she memorized it and practiced it every day for 6 weeks. She knew it inside and out and could say it in her sleep. I helped give her the experience she needed by showing her how to create mental movies and rehearse in her mind. I also created customized hypnosis sessions for her that reprogrammed her subconscious mind to lock in the mental experience she was getting when she practiced. Then, I reprogrammed Jill’s thought processes so that she started to be.e more positive and focus on the positive aspects of herself and others. Before this, Jill was very critical of herself. Each time she did something she felt was not perfect, she criticized herself in an effort to help her get better. The problem was, all it did was make her more and more critical of herself in every way. This led her to believe that others would be as equally critical of her if not more so. Once she stopped criticizing herself, she realized that she never criticized others, so why would they criticize her? This knowledge, and hypnotic reinforcement, helped her over.e her belief that she was less important, or less talented than other people. Jill actually came to realize that she had a lot of talent and her ideas deserved to be heard. In fact, others wanted to hear what she had to say, and Jill began to act like it. Finally, through hypnotic techniques, Jill realized where the self loathing came from. She dealt with it using the knowledge she now has as an adult and decided that she does in fact deserve to be loved and loving because she actually is a beautiful woman both inside and outside. Not only did we reinforce this new belief through hypnosis, we reinforced it physically by employing a stylist and she updated her wardrobe. It only took a week for Jill to really feel attractive. All of these techniques together helped Jill to over.e her fear of public speaking and she did a great job. She did so well, that she was asked to help other executives prepare their speeches for other events, and has be.e well respected as an expert in public speaking in her .pany. This shows the power of hypnosis for public speaking when .bined with additional therapeutic methods. Using the methods I have developed, anyone can master public speaking quickly and easily. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: