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How to avoid the national day trip?   peripheral traffic Raiders look here – Sichuan Channel – People’s original title: National Day trip to avoid blocking? The traffic around here Raiders tomorrow is the National Day holiday, many people have planned this 7 days where to go play, some flustered today are going to start work. Wait a minute, out of Chengdu is the first step, the high-speed, the way is not blocked? WCC joint Chengdu police and other authorities, according to the status of the surrounding area roads, scenic spots in Chengdu for your travel guide. The holidays, do not want to block in the high-speed road? Don’t want to in the nearby scenic spots around the circle? Look here, let you navigate the way. Town Street town of Chongzhou had a total of two large parking lot, can accommodate about 800 cars, during the holidays to open temporary parking lot next to the taste of Jiangqiao and in the field around the road through arrange temporary parking, parking spaces can be increased by 2000. Kowloon Ditch Road bend, sharp, please don’t the driver into the mountains occupy the opposite lane, see the speed limit sign, safe driving. Curb parking. Pujiang provincial highway S106 line: Yu Xianqiao upgrade reinforcement construction completed, the full restoration of two-way 6 lane, the road better, please via the vehicle speed control, safe driving. To Dan Xianghu, these sections easy to jam: 1, Chengya highway: Chengdu – Xinjin – Pujiang – based high-speed Dan Xianghu area; 2, national highway 108: Chengdu – Xinjin – Qionglai – Wolong – Pujiang – Datang Dan Xianghu area; 3, San expressway: Chengdu – Pujiang – Dan Xianghu scenic area. Qionglai Pingle surrounding timely one-way traffic: to limit the vehicle by the life of Pingle Road, Qiong high-speed toll station in Chengdu to Pingle; Ya’an, Pingle Ancient Town along the direction of the vehicle from the crab ditch high-speed toll station to leave the Rinzai qiong. Tiantai Mountain scenic temporarily closed due to construction. Jianyang state highway 318 line Jianyang section (319) during the national day of the roads; road 321 line 2053Km + 100m – 2049Km+800m closed construction, passing vehicles detour from the city to the south line of Kailiwei avenue. Stone Panhu, Sancha Lake scenic road traffic; Jane quickly and simply travel fast track traffic increases, passing vehicles to slow down. Shuangliu subway line 3 due to the construction site, Dongsheng Town Reservoir Wei Road, wide road, East Road, west along the Tanghu Tanghu prone to congestion, please try to bypass. From Chengdu to Huanglong Valley, Chengdu – 1 recommended line: Tianfu Avenue South extension line of idea Road (213 national highway) – Ji Tian Zhen Ji Huang new road – Huanglong Valley. 2, Chengdu – Ya high speed (Xinjin Pu Hing Station) out of the Western Sichuan Tourism Link – Huanglong Valley. Wenjiang Guanghua Road Wenjiang section due to construction of Metro Line 4 road vehicles congestion, as suggested by the San Road, Furong Road detour. During the holiday season is expected, Wenjiang City South Road and Changan intersection, smoked culture road and East Street intersection, Fengxi Avenue and willow Avenue intersection, Taiwan ecological Avenue and Tian Xiang Road intersection, the traffic flow is greatly increased, please people do not arbitrarily change)相关的主题文章: