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Internet-and-Business-Online Over a million people are using WordPress to blog and the number of WordPress users is increasing every day. Every blogger wants his blog too look good but most of them don’t have enough web design knowledge to create their own theme, that’s why they usually download themes created by web designers. Installing a WordPress theme is so easy that most of users are able to do that and that’s why it is possible to make money by creating WordPress themes. What do I need to create WordPress themes? Creating WordPress themes is very simple, all you need is a basic knowledge in web design and CSS. To create the graphical part of a WordPress theme you will need a program like Adobe Photoshop while the CSS can be edited with a CSS editor or directly with any text editor. I know CSS and I’m able to use Photoshop, what now? The easiest way to create a WordPress theme is to download the Default theme and replace the graphical parts with the ones you created in Photoshop and by editing the default style sheet. Using this technique will help you to learn how WordPress themes work and soon you will be able to create your own. I made my first WordPress theme, how can I earn money with it? There are two different ways to make money with WordPress themes: 1) by selling the template to someone who likes it. Templates can be sold on many forums, like Digitalpoint 2) by selling sponsored link spots in the footer the second option is the more interesting and profitable one. Once you have created a WordPress theme you can add up to 4 links in the footer (don’t add more than 4 or it will be hard to sell links on it). One of these 4 links is usually the Designer link (you can sell the designer link if you don’t have a website or you can place a link to your website there, if you have one) and the other 3 links will look like these supported by: link1? and link2? and link3?. Why should someone buy a link on my theme? Because by promoting the WordPress theme properly, it will get hundred of downloads. Everytime a blog will use the WordPress theme you have designed, the Supporters will get a link with anchor text to their website. For how much can I sell a link in the footer? It depends on the quality of the WordPress theme but even if it’s not a professional one you will be able to average 50-60$ EACH link. That’s a total of 180$ for each WordPress theme if you sell 3 links and keep the designer link for your own website, or 240$ if you sell all links. Professional themes can bring you even 300-500$! In average I’m making 100-200$ with each WordPress theme I design by selling only 2 supporter links and keeping the designer link for my website. Where can I find sponsors for my WordPress theme? In the link sale section of Digitalpoint Forums. I was able to find supporters for all the themes I have made thanks to Digitalpoint. Conclusions: By practicing you will be able to make 1-2 WordPress themes every day and also your graphics should be.e better with each theme. The WordPress sponsor link market is quite new and it is difficult to predict for how long it will be possible to get some serious money (make 2 themes a day and sell sponsor links on each for 150$that would be 9.000$ /month) out of it. If you don’t believe that it is possible, just have a look at Digitalpoint to see for how much sponsor links have been sold recently About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: