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Broadband-Internet A blog is simply a source to send message to the world for the contents you have. The web is constantly bombarded daily with countless blog sites of any topic. There are many way that you can use to make profitable blog. You can use blogspot , wordpress and many more. There are also many gurus that claim they make more money using blog than anyone else and make you buy product from them. But you are still nowhere and dont know how to make blog and make money from it. Most of the time, the visitors just visit a blog, scan any point which catch their attention rather reading the entire blog. So the main goal for any blog owner or a website owner is to get the data in such a form that it will attract the visitor . This is done by making your blog to be attractive so that it can make your visitor attention for few seconds which initiates to visit the blog for a longer time. Given below are guidelines for writing a blog post. The purpose of this article is want to show you about how to make profitable blog in year 2009. Grab the attention of your visitors: As stated above your first aim must be to write two or three sentence paragraphs divided into sections with the section heading as bold. The strong section heading will help the visitors to know about the whole writing and will then choose from the section which is most important for him. This way it would be easy for your visitors to find out whether or not to read the blog. So try to make the heading more attractive and crispy. When last you looked for some interesting illustration or photo to go with your blog posting? Even a bad looking illustration will get your visitors to leave your blog as soon as they visit. Try to capture the attention of your visitors with an image and they may stay to read your blog for a longer time. Fire away with bullet points: Bullets points in lists are highly effective in quickly conveying your points in a condensed format. Such brief points attract the blog readers to read and more important think of what you have stated. Reading such concise points builds interest and increases the odds they will read the rest of your blog. Build the article and then craft the title: It seems obvious but the title really needs to be the distillation of the article. Its much easier to pen the attention getting headline title after you have .pleted the entire thought of the article and it is still fresh in your mind. Every now and then writing a decisive title or going against the normal way of .mon thinking about a topic is the most excellent way to get the visitors attention. But if you are using controversial topics make sure that you have sufficient matter in the content to substantiate your title. End with an open ended question: To encourage the visitors to leave their thoughts and opinions always end the blog with a thought provoking question. The user will leave more interesting writings as their .ments. This way you enhance your blog with the opinions of a group of visitors attached to it. Using this technique on this article will make sure that you can make money from blog in the year 2009. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: