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Hu Yanbin’s help does not help Li Jing "with" other guards – Entertainment Sohu Hu Yanbin a military uniform on the battlefield of the Sohu by the Beijing satellite TV entertainment news China blockbuster launch of the first file original comedy show "comedy cross-border cross-border competition king" will be held this Saturday evening 20:30 ushered in the tenth phase of the program wonderful. As the final round before the final round of competition, the current round of competition will play a crucial role in the cross-border star. In the episode, singer Hu Yanbin volunteered that comic, and this program will be the embodiment of historical figures he China Yang Zong Bao, and Li Jing’s version of "with" staged "help does not help the drama. They fight their wits acting, which will impact the spark? Hu Yanbin, a military uniform on the battlefield for Li Jing "with" other again hit the face Chen Yao comic actor Li Jingceng and actress Chen Yao because of the same mouth and adorable eyes by everyone laugh hit the face of the challenge, "she", wearing a gold gown, a white haired Li Jing holding rod leading Shanshan line, every twinkle and smile like Chen Yao. The audience uproarious over, can not help but sigh "female version of Li Jing is very beautiful"! Hu Yanbin in this episode in the brilliant image of Yang Zongbao debut. A silver shirt, wearing a handsome handsome styling is the helmet, Hu Yanbin is impressive. However, he was out in the middle of the night and convenient with this dress caught with gentleman, when asked why Pope Paul night out convenient still holding a spear and a whip, he will use what excuse? Yang Zongbao is going to the battlefield to protect our homes and defend our country and can be accepted with? Hu Yanbin said the comic spell acting yangzongbao Shetai gentleman sun Pengcier ancestral single generation mutual fraud act, Yang Zongbao is a treasure in the family, and in front of him suddenly faced with, "Pengcier problems help does not help. Li Jing exaggerated a "Pro grandmother grandson will hit don’t help ah, Hu Yanbin on the back of the blame. Subsequently, the pro grandmother to play a concussion of the pro grandson, the call also came immediately. Li Jing Hu Yanbin, the weakness of joy and mutual really dumbfounding. The program, Hu Yanbin and Li Jing in the comedy brokers say that comic interspersed with the Divine Comedy, "red flower Phoenix Phoenix" version of the "PPAP" catchy and popular, Hu Yanbin personally adapted comic script, was praised as "very talented people". In order to compete for the last finals ended, Hu Yanbin in this episode is "out of the big move". Yang Zongbao fight on the battlefield, a strong enemy in the fugitive, script, without any associated with music elements, the fight is completely cross guest acting, for Hu Yanbin, is also a huge challenge and breakthrough. If you want to see the Hu Yanbin show acting style, then, please look forward to this Saturday night 20:30 Beijing TV broadcast on time, "cross-border comedy king"!相关的主题文章: