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Huatai Securities responded: pull the banner disguised layoffs of individual employees misinterpret the appraisal system for hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu photograph: visual Chinese yesterday (August 29th) network on the news, Huatai Securities part of the marketing staff in Guangzhou to petition the collective, is the cause of the brokerage business assessment methods to the newly released discontent, believe that the company unilaterally enacted did not finish the strict examination, in order to achieve slashing staff income and disguised layoffs to. This event in the market downturn, a number of brokerage firms have cut the cost of the moment is undoubtedly concern. According to whether there is a Guangzhou assemble, assessment of whether the new regulations exist in layoffs and other issues, Huatai Securities (601688.SH) yesterday evening news reporter on the interface as exclusive response. Huatai Securities, said the afternoon of August 29th, there are individual marketing staff in Guangzhou to pull a banner. But micro-blog and WeChat related articles in the publication of the company did not verify the verification before the release, a one-sided misunderstanding of the company in June 24th introduced the assessment system, exaggerated the impact. According to the above assessment system by the dispute, Huatai Securities official said on the interface of journalists, the system is introduced from the brokerage service channel to wealth management transformation based on direction. "According to the transformation of the company wealth management strategy, combined with industry trends and customer diversified financial demand, and explore new service content, revise and improve the basic management system of the company marketing personnel and adjust the assessment management approach." The source said. He said that the marketing assessment mechanism mainly embodies the positive performance oriented punishment and award the diligent and lazy. The system is based on the investigation of the construction of the same marketing team, and fully solicit opinions on the basis of the implementation of the release, there are a considerable part of the sales revenue has been improved". But how to improve the proportion of the income of the staff, as well as how much revenue to enhance the specific data, the person in charge said it was still statistics, did not give a clear answer. For the parties to express their demands, I will always solve the problem within the framework of the law. At the same time, the malicious slander, slander, words and deeds, will retain the right to pursue legal responsibilities." The person in charge said. As for the future of the assessment system will have the possibility of loosening, the person in charge of the interface news reporter said that the design of the system itself can be adjusted according to market fluctuations. Huatai Securities also said the company marketing personnel and smooth communication mechanism, pay attention to business demands first feedback, assessment and follow the principles of fair and open will be based on legal compliance, to achieve a win-win company, customer and personal development. June 24th, Huatai Securities brokerage department issued a new pay system, and in July began to implement. This new assessment system was part of the brokerage business marketing personnel boycott. Previously, Huatai Securities has repeatedly communicate with some of the staff, but yesterday’s petition shows that the contradiction still exists. Interface news reporters will continue to follow the theory相关的主题文章: