Hubei woman falsely friends micro signal cheat a man of 200 more than two and a half years – Beijing-unfccc

Hubei woman falsely friends micro signal cheat a man of 200 more than two and a half – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Zhang Lei) using micro signal and WeChat Internet chat friends, two and a half years of success from a Beijing man hands more than 206 yuan, yesterday, 24 year old Hubei woman Liang Ke suspected of fraud in the Chaoyang court. According to the reporter, beam fraud means is not good, but the victim was a complete stranger to transfer dozens of loans, which shows the vigilance is too low. At the end of April 2013, working in Beijing’s beam can log friend Lee’s micro signal, and use the WeChat shake function met a 35 year old man in Beijing Wang (a pseudonym), two people with WeChat friends, and exchange photos. Lee’s identity beam may falsely claim to be doing the dance choreography. A few days later, she lied about the loss of documents, travel money from Wang there borrowed 8000 yuan. By the beam identity theft Lee beam primary school play network game to know, she only knew Lee is Hubei wuhan. In April 2013, she tried to use the number of Lee’s game to log on to her WeChat, log in successfully. Thereafter until December 2015, beam using Li Mou identity has to travel abroad and other reasons in succession from Wang cheated 206 yuan RMB in total. In the meantime, the beam can also take the identity of the sister Lee and Wang met in Beijing, and to borrow money from it. Wang has not seen the victim surnamed Wang, the so-called female friends, Lee, but trusted each other to fabricate a variety of reasons, easily lend money to each other. The case is not in court for sentencing. J009相关的主题文章: