Hunan driving butt caused 3 dead 5 injured suspects were arrested 900 people involved in rounding

Hunan driving butt caused 3 dead 5 injured suspects were arrested 900 people involved in the new network – JINGWAH rounded up times news (reporter Yang Fenglin) reporter yesterday from Hunan Rucheng County propaganda department was informed that the September 13th driving continuous butt caused Cao Zaifa deliberately suspects 3 dead and 5 injured, on the afternoon of September 14th in Rucheng County town of spring was arrested. According to the JINGWAH Times reported yesterday, on the afternoon of September 13th, Hunan County, 6 traffic accidents occurred, killing 3 people were killed and 5 people were injured, found out, Cao Zaifa has a major crime suspects. It is understood that around 4 p.m. on September 13th, Hunan County, Rucheng occurred in a traffic accident, resulting in 3 people were killed and 5 injured. According to reports, in the afternoon, Lu Yang Zhen Rucheng county and in the state-owned land illegal building for cure. In the process, the suspect Cao Zaifa invalid resist law enforcement after driving in the road Lu Yang Road deliberately butt, abandoned the vehicle and fled after the gate of Long Teng Hotel. Subsequently, the police quickly mobilized police to arrest suspects. Hunan Provincial Public Security Bureau official micro-blog announced yesterday morning, I hope the community and the masses to provide clues about the situation, please call 110. To provide clues to arrest will be given 30 thousand yuan reward, such as direct arrest will be given to the yuan reward of $50 thousand. The same day, Hunan Rucheng County Public Security Bureau issued an arrest warrant. Yesterday afternoon, the Hunan Provincial Public Security Department official micro-blog update message, said that after more than 200 police and hundreds of people rounded up overnight, at 14:40 PM, Rucheng police in support of the masses of the people, through their positive clues in the County Jing Po Xiang paste village residential area will Cao Zaifa captured a alley. Reporters yesterday from Rucheng County Propaganda Department confirmed that the afternoon of September 14th, "9? 13" suspects Cao Zaifa in the County Township Village paste Jing Po was arrested. According to reports, since the incident, Rucheng county government attaches great importance to the county, provincial and municipal public security departments dispatched police, armed police fire brigade, emergency militia unit, village cadres and the masses more than 900 people involved in the investigation, hunting, etc..相关的主题文章: