Hyperloop one may be the fastest 800kmh super high iron construction in the United Arab Emirates, bu norton disk doctor

Hyperloop One may be the fastest in the United Arab Emirates built 800km super high iron h, but the super high-speed rail is really reliable? Sohu technology from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, driving two hours by car, in the future may only take about 12 minutes. You will not take the high-speed rail, but the Hyperloop One super high speed rail project. As Elon Musk proposed in 2013 super high-speed rail program, Hyperloop was considered to be the future direction of traffic development. After this concept was proposed, the U.S. start-up company Hyperloop One can be said to be in the forefront of technology research and development. Hyperloop One will release a major high-speed rail project in November 18th, and is now released from the video preview, Hyperloop One is likely to be in Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the construction of super high iron test project. In May of this year, Hyperloop One in the Las Vegas desert conducted the first propulsion system testing. In the first experiment, the speed reducer used in the Hyperloop One test is actually a bunch of sand, because it has not built a brake device". Hyperloop One attracts hundreds of spectators came to the desert field test in Las Vegas, saw the car the next super high iron with 1 seconds to 116 mph (186 km), 2 seconds to 400 mph (643 km), then the test sample is fiercely into the sand. Although the first test of the test looks with vigour and vitality, but the "gold content" is not high, the first is the dynamic part is essentially a linear motor (linear motor), the second is not magnetic structure must adopt Hyperloop, at best can only count the launch loads of things play. Even in terms of performance, Hyperloop One test results can not and the next generation Ford aircraft carrier equipped with electromagnetic launcher (EMAL) compared to the latter can easily be ten tons of F-18 hornet fighter in the distance of 91 meters up to 240 kilometers. The parent company of EMAL is just one of the technical side of Hyperloop One. Even more interesting is that this experiment is actually not completely applied to the suspension system and Hyperloop One vacuum tube, can only be regarded as a test of accelerated performance. In addition, when it comes to high-speed rail technology, in fact, not China, for vacuum pipeline Hyperloop One project, Tongji University Maglev Transportation Engineering Research Center Deputy Director Ben Lam told the "Xinmin Evening News".相关的主题文章: