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S and Sheenah is clearly why bestie has been bad mouthing? [Abstract] has been living in the shadow of Sheenah s, two people are really bestie? Eight I know miss you, is the most understand the female children’s entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong get more gossip information. Said bestie life go together, but their bestie entertainment often fall into bad mouthing storm, especially those who has the obvious competition between bestie. Sheenah s attention recently suspected black powder, the main micro-blog black powder every day is to focus on black Sheenah not shake for one hundred years, and is holding a small s and on Sheenah. Sheenah said to imitate the advertising s, said Sheenah hosting style does not have its own characteristics, is an imitation of the way even small s, Sheenah Yan also Tucao together, said they saw the wall Sheenah crying · · · even the strength of a character to Tucao said Sheenah is a big star, with cooked just mix to the present position. S before forwarding this weird hair styling Nami terminator micro-blog, which is estimated by the attention at that time. But now little has taken off, see the "Nami terminator" also made a very proud, said "thank her with" to her brain circuits, maybe you think this is the main style of humor and lovely PO by the way of attention. S and Sheenah two people, have always been bestie people. From the time of the rise of micro-blog, the two men began to interact frequently, Sheenah completely fan image. Happy birthday wish is never absent, but in 2012, Sheenah went to the "Kangxi" (video), often her time also said Aya went to Beijing, but Aya has always been an important member of her bestie regiment, so in accordance with the law of the female friendship, bestie bestie bestie is so small. And Sheenah became bestie is also normal. And in 2013, two people together to do business, jointly opened a dessert shop, to achieve a "good bestie money earns together" in the realm of the! But two of the "bestie" has been questioned, has been bad mouthing, in fact is not without reason. The main reason is the collision. Once the variety show is now blossom everywhere, on both sides of the Strait is a trump card program, "Kangxi", another is "happy camp" (watch). Two show the life long, the former 04 years launched earlier this year, the official farewell. The latter began in 1997, and it’s not over yet. It can be said that the younger generation, are looking at these two stalls grew up. The small s and Sheenah respectively as the two indispensable program hostess, can say is the first variety hostess. Partner is male bestie, also is one of the best host. Here is Kevin Tsai s that constantly give personal advice not too outrageous, but Sheenah has been He Jiong escort. So often will be compared. Secondly, the two presided over similar style. Relatively speaking, small s presided over the way to a little earlier, and soon established himself to relax, bold humor sharp style, so Sheenah took similar]相关的主题文章: