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I finally understand: millet MIX released the biggest winner is it? Sohu, science and technology – the difference between a leader and a follower lies in Innovation — the innovation of Jobs can be regarded as a noun of the circle of the most popular mobile phone, whether it is science and technology innovation and consumer demand oriented innovation. In the technology industry, who are expected to become the industry leader and not a follower, but again, very beautiful ideal, the reality is very skinny, some manufacturers may wish to become too like that in your imagination, but it ignores what is the essence of innovation. Recently, the hot new products on the Internet is not a small number, and the voice of the higher undoubtedly millet MIX, this concept is known as a comprehensive screen phone. From the point of view of the product, the mobile phone in the design did make everyone more recognized the point, many industry big coffee that millet MIX this product is really good, full screen design, screen accounting for up to a staggering 91.3%; the piezoelectric ceramic guide sound technology instead of the traditional loudspeaker type ultrasonic receiver; substitution the traditional infrared sensor and so on, these technologies can make people’s eyes light up, but a little puzzling is that millet why say the launch of mobile phone concept machine, the word used is really appropriate? How to evaluate the concept of millet MIX machine? We can find out the definition of the so-called concept of "machine", the general explanation about "the concept of a machine is not going to produce, it is only to demonstrate innovative design, unique and advanced idea. The concept of the machine is generally in the product of the creative, experimental stage, some concepts and even never put into production." In contrast, the concept of millet MIX machine, not only to complete the show, but at the press conference announced the specific price and time to market, while the major electricity supplier platform has also begun to accept an appointment. In the final analysis, this phone even if the output is not much, but still will appear in the market. Recently, Rebs said in an interview about the beginning and did not intend to mass production of millet MIX plan, but until July this year, the team put price estimates down, so millet decided this product listing. So since it has been well listed in the plan, why that is concept? Do not clear the concept of general ray machine should be similar to the real mobile phone, mobile phone, lipstick Cola mobile phone, mobile phone and so on paper folding has not yet come out of the product in a MIX? Millet have debuted the mobile phone, and will be available for sale, also a long a card with a SHARP models similar to the face, but also insisted that the concept of machine, even from the definition of the concept of don’t go. Millet MIX innovation to bring the impact of the mobile phone industry? Of course, in addition to defining the concept of machine, millet MIX calculates the product of a "landmark"? For example, millet MIX is used in ceramic body, mobile phone back, frame and keys all by building ceramics. At first glance, this kind of technology, it is obvious grades, but in fact, can not stand the scrutiny, when a vendor propaganda gimmick is almost. Because the ceramic back shell compared to the other?相关的主题文章: