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SEO Servers, the back end people of the web pages are essential digital marketing members. They are often mysteriously seen by many SEO agencies but their importance cant be done away with. While they deserve much attention as .pared to what they actually get, their presence is very essential for the working of SEO consultancies. When learning the concept of digital marketing server, domain is the first area to start with. Server either supports .pany domain or makes them not shared by other agencies. In case server is dedicated one, he will charge you a bit higher but at the same time gives you more control. If your agency domain can be hosted on several servers, use of digital marketing load balancer is re.mended. Load balancer can take .panies to various content problems with its proper configuration. Therefore instead of travelling to www1, www2 or www3 on the digital marketing, consultancies can exhibit the only www approach. Now digital marketing sub domain, if they are hosted on different servers, it may cause problems too. But it is possible to get the same server or by using A record or DNS entry to allow sub domain to get an access to other servers. With CNAME (DNS) entry the identity of domain gets mixed and one can point to the other domain .pletely. The speed of the digital marketing page is another factor to be considered by search consultancies. Speed affects the server up gradation process and also content off loading. Considering the digital marketing servers physical location is yet another factor for SEO. When talk about multinational consultancies, search engine must be given many signals; it helps to connect correct country with relevant correct site. One signal also gives country an idea of a possible hosted site it is attached to. In a same manner one can develop sub domain for German site and end up hosting that sub domain in Germany. Redirects are yet another area for digital marketing servers to affect SEO. Side based management happens at all time whereas 301 indirect can be easily initiated in individual pages and that with script of server sides. The process further easy with the help of ht access. Though the file runs on an Apache web server, it can be designed for IIS too. For making in directs for IIS 6, ISAP1 can be used and for AAS 7, Microsoft has introduced its own specific module. To make digital marketing SEO further easier, Microsoft has .e up with SEO kit IIS. It has many options and features to make SEO user friendly. It also allows sitemaps management, robots and other reports. Along with redirects, help of web server may be required for handling 404 errors. Free yourself from title tagging stuff and go for alt approach. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: