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In an interview with the TCL Lianming thin: the overseas market of Chinese brands in the gradual growth of science and technology Sohu – Sohu technology news, September 2nd news, Berlin IFA exhibition was officially opened today, IDG to join the German Chamber of Commerce and industry jointly organized the 2016IFA technology innovation product award. TCL "QUHD quantum dot TV Q65X1S-CUD" and "XQM85-9005BS" were awarded the "quantum dot technology gold medal" and "clean technology Gold Award" two awards. Bo Lianming, President of TCL group, TCL multimedia CEO talked about overseas sales in TCL, said, the main source of growth in overseas, an increase of nearly 60% over the same period. He believes that this is the TCL layout of the international market more than ten years, through the accumulation, it is natural to enter the harvest period. In the home appliance brand overseas, such as TCL, how to break through the foreign brands? Bo Lianming said that in recent years, foreign brands have become increasingly respected foreign. Of course, just launched a new brand will not be able to respond at once, and the internationalization of TCL after more than ten years, slowly got the results now. Can be seen in the overseas market, Chinese brands in the gradual replacement of Japanese brands, Chinese brands in the growth, the Japanese have declined. Next, the pace of internationalization will not stop, he said, last month and Brazil signed a cooperation in the future in South America, India, Mexico and other countries to develop. Will be in the local construction plant, the layout of industrial capacity." As for the future trend of smart home, TCL also set up a smart home business division. Bo Lianming believes that more TCL category, which is one of the advantages of its smart home. With such a physical basis, from the communication protocol and other means will be easier to achieve interoperability.相关的主题文章: