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In the history of the most abnormal data lines: bullet proof clothing material, fried chicken can also be manufactured on the data lines of the suffering. I believe we did not eat less. This is how Hei Jun used it at home.. Official apple Lightning cable, three years I am worn out at least 6.. Are rushing tears and silver! Is not a data line, you can use it for decades? Certainly there!! Today we are going to introduce you to a Nonda made by the United States of America’s rugged data lines – ZUS Kevlar Cable a data cable can be anything new? The important thing to say three times! Resistant to exercise! Resistant to exercise! First of all, it has extraordinary compressive ability can easily withstand 45 pounds of weight without deformation so there is no effect of dog bite meow star who is be nothing difficult, like how to play on how to play by the chair back and forth even ravaged the car ran over intact and can even be used to drag the 2 ton car is abnormal and this is where the data line is simply a human weapon!! At the same time, ZUS Kevlar Cable can withstand up to 15 thousand times of high strength bending, beyond the more expensive Belkin data cable 50%. Don’t say normal distortion in peacetime, playing more than sufficient arguments! What is the secret of ZUS Kevlar Cable so strong? In addition to the outer layer of reinforced nylon woven fabric, the main reason is that it is added inside the high-strength material Kevlar. Kevlar? Estimated that many people face Meng force.. So, Kevlar is actually a material for making bulletproof vests. Bullets are not broken, but also a mere human devastation? ZUS’s all black appearance, see with your high grade matches. And the USB plug is 90 degrees vertical.. Coupled with the length of the 1.2m, making it suitable for small occasions, such as charging on the car.. It is worth mentioning that, ZUS Kevlar Cable also provides a lifetime warranty oh! This confidence, really no one. Currently, ZUS Kevlar Lightning, micro USB and USB-C three versions, you can fully meet the needs of the self Cable.. This article from Tencent news client from the media, does not represent the views and positions of Tencent news. ]相关的主题文章: