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Inner Mongolia coal prices rose for the 3 consecutive month — energy — Xinhua Hohhot August 25th news (reporter Peng Yuan) reporter learned from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region development and Reform Commission, July Inner Mongolia coal pit settlement price, coal purchase price rose slightly again, for the 3 consecutive month of coal prices continued to rebound. In July, the main origin of Inner Mongolia coal pit average settlement price of 124.63 yuan / ton, up 3.05% year-on-year decline of 1.15%. Among them, Ordos power coal prices rose significantly, the average pit settlement price 141.67 yuan / ton, rose 13.33%, rose 24.51%. The eastern region average settlement price of lignite pithead is 96.64 yuan / ton, up 0.27%, down 7.24%. At the same time, the region’s coal average purchase price of 142.96 yuan / ton, up 4.42%, down 9.11%; converted into standard coal (7000 kcal) after an average of 268.36 yuan / ton, up 8.69%, down 1.87%. Among them, the eastern region of coal the average purchase price of 151.19 yuan / ton, up 1.22%, down 1.29%; coal in western region the average purchase price for 136.39 yuan / ton, up 7.43%, down 15.08%. Relevant experts said that by the supply side of the reform policy continued, short supply of coal market demand, prices continued to rise. The short term, the situation of tight supply and port stocks continued low will continue, with the peak summer electricity peak, August coal prices will continue to rise. (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: