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Intel disclosed artificial intelligence strategy – Sohu technology news highlights Intel today announced the launch of a series of covers from the front to the data center of the new technology and related products, investment plans, artificial intelligence (AI) aims to expand development space and accelerate the pace of development. Intel believes that artificial intelligence will change the way business operations and human interaction with the world. To this end, Intel is integrating the advantages of artificial intelligence, to provide the most extensive technological options, its potential in various fields in the full release, including smart factories, UAV, sports, fraud detection and unmanned vehicle etc.. Intel CEO Kozzec shared Intel’s insight into the prospects and complexity of artificial intelligence. He pointed out that artificial intelligence requires the support of a number of leading technologies, as well as far beyond the scope of the early adopters of a larger ecosystem. With the increasing complexity of the current algorithm and the growing number of data sets required, the Department of re odd said, Intel profound insight into these needs, and the ability to provide the necessary technology to drive the transformation of this calculation. "Intel is the one and only the advantage of empowerment and accelerate the innovation of artificial intelligence," branch then odd that Intel has been committed to the development of artificial intelligence, and has invested a lot of resources and technology development personnel to promote the application of artificial intelligence in the enterprise and the society." Robust Intel artificial intelligence platform Intel announced that it will launch a comprehensive industry leader in artificial intelligence products – Intel ® Nervana platform. The product portfolio designed to improve the application of AI speed and ease of use, is an excellent foundation of artificial intelligence to build a highly optimized solutions, can help more expert in solving the world extremely difficult challenge of industry standard technology based on. Currently, Intel supports 97% of the world’s running artificial intelligence workload data center server, and provide solutions portfolio optimization, flexible performance, including Intel ®, Intel Xeon processor; ® ® Xeon processor, melting nuclear? Work load optimization of accelerator FPGA and from the acquisition of Nervana technology innovation. Intel also announced more details about how to integrate Nervana’s breakthrough technology into existing product roadmaps. Intel in the first half of 2017 to test the first chip (codenamed Lake Crest), and in the second half to major customers. In addition, added a new product in Intel roadmap (codenamed Knights Crest), it will Nervana innovative technology and industry-leading Intel Xeon processor integration. In addition, the Lake Crest processor specifically optimized for neural networks, can provide high performance for deep learning, and can provide an unprecedented computing density through high-speed interconnection network. "We look forward to Intel Nervana platform to achieve a breakthrough bottleneck performance advantages, thereby significantly reducing the time required to train complex neural networks," Intel:相关的主题文章: