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Intelligent travel times, Baidu maps with artificial intelligence to enhance the threshold of map – Sohu of science and technology in the eyes of many people, between the mobile Internet and the Internet is not reborn across the age of change, change of portability and because of the increase of some of the sensors and bring the function of this change more from the intelligent mobile phone mobile, such as geographical location on the street Mo, camera to live by BAT as O2O high frequency map is also the entrance for the arrival of the mobile Internet has become a hotly contested spot. With the addition of BAT, trade barriers are rapidly pulled, a map of the field competition has quickly become a giant, the struggle between the High German map, Baidu, Ali, and the Department of the Tencent and the Tencent Sogou map, four products, the situation is clearly a situation of tripartite confrontation. Today, the development of map products has entered a mature period, the competition between the increasingly fierce giants, then, in the next scene, the threshold of the mobile map winning will be where? In fact, no matter what the trend, technology and data is still the key to the mobile map. Artificial intelligence in the field of travel, the incoming tide, the mankind is entering the era of smart travel development, car networking, unmanned are required to map more real-time, continuous evolution of higher precision, and can meet the needs of users more personalized travel decision-making. From this perspective, who can more intelligent and efficient production of map data, who can provide users with a more intelligent travel services, who mastered the future. Artificial intelligence driven Baidu map technology to enhance the industry threshold as the industry leader Baidu and competitors do not want to eat a piece of cake to choose mobile map, artificial intelligence and higher technical barriers as Baidu maps force, and artificial intelligence are shortly before Robin Li in the Baidu World Conference repeatedly referred to Baidu to gamble in the direction of. For artificial intelligence, most of the time the biggest dilemma is the lack of enough data to allow the machine to learn, thus forming rules. Like the famous IBM Waston IBM company in the field of medical imaging in order to improve the ability of machine learning, spent more than $3 billion to purchase a number of medical image data. But this does not seem to be a problem for the map area, which has been gathering enough data for the past 10 years. Baidu map, for example, Baidu map data acquisition mileage of 6 million 700 thousand km, equivalent to around the earth’s equator, the circle of 167.5, in addition to the Zhang Quanjing also has a photo of the more than 700 million, providing a total of 200 million km of navigation services. Of course, the amount of data continues to increase, in September 21st, Baidu map in a "world of mystery" said the Shangri-La held a special data collection experience day activities, invite the media field to experience the whole process of production data, and showcase the artificial intelligence technology is the five large mining equipment combined acquisition mode and in the industry production mode based on the fusion of multi-source data, in order to improve the efficiency of map data acquisition and processing and accuracy. According to Baidu, the current image recognition, deep learning and other artificial intelligence technology as the core of the industry data.相关的主题文章: