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Interview with Ang Lee: this life the best things to actor – Sohu Ang Lee accepted an exclusive interview with   entertainment entertainment Sohu; Sohu entertainment news (Zhang Ningwen Li Xin video) "the director, you float upside down?" Just flew from the United States to participate in Taipei – Billy – Lynn’s war in the middle of the press conference, followed by media interviews, and quite a bit helpless shook his head, "not yet," said mr". He looks very tired, for a conference on the dress, wearing a T-shirt, makeup after dark circles under her eyes, but talked his excitement gradually. Impressed by the "Billy – Lynn’s war in the middle," a breakthrough in technology, but that he talked about the actor with the actor, how to capture them, to teach them, let them shine on the light of the "battle of the war between the two parts of the world," the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United states. Coincidentally, "Billy – Lynn’s midfield war" actor Billy Lynn and the "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon" heroine Yu Jiaolong is 19 years old, as Billy Lynn and Joe Alvin in the Zhang Ziyi situation is similar, in the film is a big star surrounded by a newcomer in the. Look forward from Joe Alvin, the young pie "in Sura Sharma, Tang Wei, Zhang Ziyi, Ang Lee is going to pick the new. What is the source of this precision? "When I see people as a film, in my experience I will in the future have a film to imagine, I always have to think about this thing, I’m not considering him, I’m thinking of my movies." "What this movie I rooting on them how they feel, Mongin, I will have a kind of inspiration." Ang Lee valued acting talent, or the second, because his movies always speak in the loss of innocence, so often to choose young characters, not much new experience, he seems more important than acting, "he can tell his drama in your state, then live in it. In fact, I think it is a kind of aura, he does not have this aura, then the film is dead live play will not necessarily have aura." Shortly before the forty-first Toronto Film Festival, Zhang Ziyi said that filming "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon", the late Ang Lee hug, I couldn’t help crying. She speculated that it was Ang Lee’s strategy, and he was like a tiger in the school of youth, so that the actors like and fear. "She said, I was very moved, this to us is Zhang Ziyi is not important, I The imprint is engraved on my heart., Jen is not important, very important." Ang Lee explained at that time to have a kind of education idea of Zhang Ziyi, "can’t be encouraged, so I encourage you, really good when I want to talk about?" "She is a young girl and I have to play the leading role, with special respect, I think that time did to her, I do not regret it." Ang Lee’s voice dropped and paused for a moment, "this is my life the best things to an actor, and each of the actors are not the same, I think of them to get along, and then the movie is good, good to them, have a healthy benign reaction on my own, I was very true to them, the law is not the same for everyone. When a director designs the situation, designs a character, and an actor takes that role相关的主题文章: