IOS vulnerability, a juvenile attack 911 alarm

IOS loopholes, a young 911 attack alarm system: iPhone 5S Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 30th news, according to foreign media reports, recently a young Arizona based apple iOS vulnerability, the spread of malicious links in Twitter Java script, iPhone repeatedly call 911 alarm system, interfere with the normal work 911 command and control center. Recently, the Arizona Sheriff of Maricopa County office network crime at the arrest of a named Meetkumar Hiteshbhai Desai boy, the teenager on Twitter shared a malicious Java script, iPhone will make repeated call 911. The link was clicked 1849 times, so that the "hang up" calls to Thorpe’s command center in the city of Arizona, in a few minutes, in more than and 100 minutes, the said. Maricopa County Sheriff’s office said the danger of this behavior will be placed in the "moment of the dispatch center can not work normally." A large number of fraudulent telephone call to Peoria, Arizona police and Sheriff of Maricopa County Office, the same threat to these areas of service 911. According to reports, there are some fraudulent calls from California and Texas. Although Desai claims that he did not intend to spread malicious code, but he was charged with 3 counts of tampering with computer. Desai told investigators that he was looking for loopholes in the iOS system in order to get a bonus Apple vulnerability reward system, rather than criminal acts. He originally planned this summer’s black hat technology conference will be found in the vulnerability submitted to apple. Desai told investigators that he exploited the IOS vulnerability on the Internet to develop two versions of the malicious JavaScript code. One is the pop-up window, on the other side of the phone to visit it to perform other annoying commands, and the other is to call the phone repeatedly call 911. He told investigators that he had intended to share the first version as a prank, but accidentally shared the 911 dial version. But Desai also admitted that he was skilled in the development of malicious code and the ability of the virus in the hacker and programming community is very recognized. Although the incident is a small accident, but it is pointing to a greater threat. In September, the researchers said that although only 6000 mobile phones by similar hacker attacks, but may lead to the central states of the state of the 911 service system suffered significant interference. Since the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires the removal of some mobile phone calls 911 filtering services, so the system is very fragile 911. Some forms of malware can even generate audio content by calling, making it difficult for the call center to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent calls. (compile the Big Dipper)相关的主题文章: