IPhone 8 exposure heavy function full glass body to support wireless charging chompoo araya

IPhone 8 heavy exposure: the full glass body support wireless charging: iPhone concept design of Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, KGI securities analyst Guo Mingji (Ming-ChiKuo) latest research report published shows that in order to support wireless charging function, the next iPhone will use the full glass body design Pegatron is the exclusive supplier of wireless charger. Guo Mingji said that if Apple wants to introduce a wireless charging function in the next year’s iPhone, the body material from the metal to the glass is the key. Although the technical solution for the wireless charging of the metal body equipment has already existed, the radio frequency tolerance problem of the alloy will limit the charging speed. In addition, it is generally believed that over the years the Apple design head of Jonny · Ivey (Jony Ive) has been launched to look like a piece of glass iPhone. Guo Mingji said in the report, we believe that one of the reasons for the next year iPhone by the metal body for the glass body is to support wireless charging. Because Foxconn needs to be used for the development and production of OLED screen iPhone most of the resources, we expect that Pegatron will be the exclusive supplier of wireless charger." Guo Mingji is not sure whether all of the new iPhone will bundle wireless charger, but is expected next year will have a certain proportion of the new iPhone bundled wireless charger, in 2018 this year than the regular growth. Guo Mingji released a report last week, said Apple will release 4.7 and 5.5 inches LCD screen iPhone next year, as well as a configuration of dual lens camera OLED screen iPhone. Although Guo Mingji did not clear the OLED screen iPhone size, he had previously said that Apple will release the next configuration surface OLED screen, using a glass body design 5.8 inches iPhone. Barclay analyst recently said that Apple next year will launch a 5 inch LCD screen and a iPhone screen with a OLED of 5.8 inches, they are designed with borderless and curved screen. Although Apple said in 2012 that the wireless charging function is not useful, but a number of rumors that Apple will be introduced in the iPhone8 wireless charging function. The media reported that last month, Foxconn in the test application in 2017 iPhone in the wireless charging module, iPhone 8 supports wireless charging function depends on whether the Foxconn qualified rate is improved to meet the requirements of the level. January media reports said that Apple considers the introduction of wireless charging function in the iPhone in 2017. Long distance wireless charging technology is considered to be superior to existing wireless charging solutions, since it does not require devices to be close to the charging board. (compile leaves)相关的主题文章: