IPhone suggests error 53 error, followed by Apple facing class action-widcomm

IPhone Error 53 error follow-up: apple face collective action [TechWeb]2 reported Sept. 12 news media reported last week, many iPhone 6 users, in the third party of Touch ID Home key after repair, upgrade the iOS operating system, will meet Error 53 mobile phone lead brick". Apple Corp said, this is intended to ensure that user data security. The new progress has been made at present, and Apple Corp will face class action. IPhone prompted Error 53 error follow: Apple faces class action, law firm PCVA decided to initiate a class action against apple on this issue, PCVA said, apple iPhone hardware platform control too much (gone too far). PCVA claims to compensate apple for at least $5 million for affected users. Last week, many media reports, after the third party repair after iPhone in 6, iOS operating system upgrade, Error 53 may encounter errors, leading mobile phone brick". Apple official explained that the reason for this is that the company designed the Secure Enclave module, and Touch ID one-to-one correspondence, to protect user fingerprint data. After third repairs, this correspondence is destroyed. When iOS detects this problem, Error 53 occurs, which protects the device and protects the user’s data. Apple said that if users encounter Error 53 error, it should contact Apple official after sale.

iPhone提示Error 53错误后续:苹果面临集体诉讼   [TechWeb报道]2月12日消息,上周有媒体报道,许多iPhone 6用户反映,在对Touch ID Home键进行第三方修理后,升级iOS操作系统时,会遇到Error 53导致手机“变砖”。苹果公司称,这是有意为之,确保用户数据安全。此事目前又有了新进展,苹果公司将面临集体诉讼。 iPhone提示Error 53错误后续:苹果面临集体诉讼   律师事务所PCVA决定就此事对苹果发起集体诉讼,PCVA称,苹果对iPhone硬件平台控制过多(gone too far)。PCVA表示要为受影响的用户,向苹果索赔至少500万美元。   上周许多媒体报道,经过第三方修理后的iPhone 6,在升级iOS操作系统时,可能会遇到Error 53的错误显示,导致手机“变砖”。   苹果官方解释称,导致这发生的原因则是该公司设计了Secure Enclave模块,和Touch ID一一对应,来保护用户指纹数据。经过第三方修理后,破坏了这种对应。iOS检测到了这个问题,就会出现Error 53,这是为了保护设备,保护用户数据。苹果称用户如果遇到Error 53错误,应该联系苹果官方售后。相关的主题文章: