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IPhone7 is the blue version of   foreign parts factory confirmed –IT– people.com.cn original title: iPhone7 is blue version of foreign parts factory confirmed Zhongguancun online news: previously there have been rumors that Apple will launch a new blue color in the iPhone7 7Plus, which makes a lot of fruit powder is very happy, but subsequent rumors and spending the new color is black, but it now has a reversal, a new combination of accessories manufacturers, foreign media Appleinsider, iPhone7 or may have blue version. Accessories manufacturers exposure blue iPhone7 (picture taken from mobilefun) foreign media said, in fact the outgoing iPhone7 blue color is the real news, but subsequent exposure due to light that it seems some deep black is cobalt blue visual effect, and from the makers of MobileFun accessories factory plans, once again confirmed the existence of iPhone7 blue version. IPhone7 can be seen in the light blue color from the fuselage top to bottom there are changes in the above picture, also can understand the special light is changed black, this year many mobile phone manufacturers to launch the popular blue color models, apple certainly have reason to follow Apple fans happy? (Yi Xiao, commissioning editor Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: