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IPO set off a new round of verification storm around the CSRC cross examination paper Wu Chuan October 29th, informed sources close to the Commission to a number of Tencent financial disclosure, the Commission will start a new round of IPO wide range of verification, the Commission issued on the 28 held in Hangzhou, will start. It is worth noting that the verification of the IPO to take the cross between the various aspects of the Bureau of mutual investigation of the way, do not take the previous lottery, but a comprehensive coverage of queuing enterprises. Informed sources, the first batch of verification objects have been selected for ten companies. Designated by the Ministry of verification of the enterprise, supervision will be normalized, fixed time and quantity." A brokerage investment banking director said that the current IPO project team in the preparation of working papers to the local securities regulatory bureau check. Prior to that, in June 23, 2016, Tencent exclusive disclosure, the Commission issued the Ministry of Finance on the IPO in the trial of large financial companies, the fastest will start in July. This is a continuation and expansion of the financial verification, such as information disclosure, corporate governance, equity structure, etc. will be included in the scope of verification." A person familiar with the situation said. Verification is not stopped in the queue enterprises, even through the backdoor has been achieved curve listed companies, the same has been included in the scope of verification. July 14th, Tencent finance has reported that the Commission will examine the scope of the full coverage of the previous backdoor listing projects. Known as the history of the most stringent backdoor standards – listed major asset restructuring management approach (Revised) released less than a month, check the storm has been fully covered the previous backdoor project. Insiders told the Tencent financial disclosure, since the Commission will on 2011 clear restructuring and listing rules, the implementation of the reorganization, but nearly three years before the implementation of a comprehensive on-site inspection of the company, in three batches to complete the on-site inspection, each inspection ratio of not less than 1/3; check the content according to the disclosure of the draft stage special on-site inspection to determine the scope of. Not only the past backdoor projects to check, and now has been announced, but did not approve the backdoor project to check." A person familiar with the matter said that in June 30th, the Ministry of public listing has been sent to all the local list of the securities regulatory bureau, the verification work by the local securities regulatory bureau to carry out specific. According to the Commission official data, as of October 27, 2016, the Commission accepted the first 806 companies, which have been going to be over 77, not over the meeting of the 729. Not too would normally pending corporate enterprise 680, 49 enterprises suspend the review. Among them, the Shanghai Stock Exchange to suspend business review 17, the Shenzhen SME board suspended business review 4, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem 28 enterprises suspend the review. It is worth noting that, since 2016, 57 companies suffered termination review. Check the storm approaching, for 680 enterprises normally pending, its fate is not controlled by their own. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: