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News-and-Society Youve probably be one of those who learn to loveor hateAmazons Kindle. However, you could also be one of those who never heard of Kindle 2. Indeed, before the product could be finally introduced into the market, there are already a lot of scoops about Kindle Two, obviously an expected huge upgrade from the first. Will it be.e more useful and .pact? Will it be technological at the same time very easy to use especially for those who are addicted to books and certified tech savvies? It Started with the Leaked Pictures Amazon has been tight-lipped about Kindle 2, but pictures started leaking. A lot of people believe that this will be the newest version of Kindle. So what can you look forward to Kindle Two? First, its going to be very slim and thus lightweight. It will measure merely 0.4 inches. This basically gives anyone the mobility. He can stuff Kindle in the bag or read on it in the train, bus, or car. He wont have to suffer more shoulder pains as its very .pact. It will also not .e very cheap. It will cost as much as $399. The Possible New Look of Kindle 2 Of course, there will be a lot of changes when it .es to its features. One of the most prominent will be the buttons. They are going to be significantly smaller in Kindle Two. This is to prevent anyone from turning the pages accidentally. You may also notice that it will not have a scroll wheel anymore, but its replaced by a joystick. If you have Kindle before, Kindle 2 will present another learning curve for you. Fortunately, it will also have a keyboard. The only problem is that the embedded keys are not too distinguishable. You can attach a headphone if you prefer to listen to audio files silently. You can also easily control the volume by touching the corresponding up and down buttons at the right side of Kindle 2. The speakers, on the other hand, are actually placed at the back. You may also notice that it has a USB port in Kindle Two. This one can be used to charge the unit. This is something to love, as you can recharge it anywhere you are. The USB cable is small, so you can easily tuck it in your back. The screen is round than sharp. What You Could Expect from Amazon in Relation to Kindle Two Kindle Two is not the possible new change in Amazon. There should be more. One could be more additions to the Amazon Library, particularly to Kindle catalogs. There could be titles that are only exclusive to Kindle. You will also have its own application platform and mobile books that are specifically made for Kindle 2. Simply put, there are definitely a lot of things that you can anticipate, and hopefully, all good predictions are going to be right. Otherwise, its going to break a lot of heartsperhaps including yours. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: