It can not only open the beautiful flowers, but also to make delicious dishes, pickled ginger devil! chompoo araya

It can not only open the beautiful flowers, but also to make delicious dishes, pickled ginger devil! Sohu and a small ravine in the home on the mountain in saw the devils ginger, then the ditch on the side of remember is a military training camp, estimated that the devil is a soldier with ginger who come from overseas! Remember the annual Lunar August is the devils ginger flower in, like chrysanthemum, golden yellow flowers in the sun as the disc height is uneven, the wind shake, very enchanting scene! Devil ginger perennial herbs. Sunflower belongs to compositae. Name of Jerusalem artichoke. Also called jerusalemartichoke. It’s called the devils ginger, is the main shape looks just like ginger, probably because it is from foreign countries, named! Although the devil Jiang Jiaojiang but it is not ginger spicy flavor, it tastes crisp, taste very fresh and elegant. The strong ability of the ginger ginger is strong, the breeding speed is very fast. There is no devil in the village of ginger, because someone looked at it to open the flowers are very beautiful, there are dug home around the yard. Didn’t think this guy will get out of hand a long, whether Fangqianwuhou make it to occupy. It seems as long as the spring to plant a devils ginger, you will in the coming year, receiving a basket of devils ginger. Devil ginger vitality strong. Drought and frost tolerance. After the collection of cabbage, you can collect the devil jiang. It can withstand the cold after the beginning of winter. But we must dig in the snow before the end. Devils ginger barren land, regardless of poor soil, a devil ginger do not need fertilization, even in the sand below, it still grow out of the ground, bathed in sunshine and rain, a green earth. Then do not know who is the first to use it for the roots of pickles, people do not know this thing was so delicious, they have to dig for it to eat pickled vegetables. Not to mention this thing is to explore Xiancai its advantages! Or into today’s food production! Ingredients: Japanese delicacy ginger 2000 grams, grams of ginger, green and red chili grams spices: salt 15 grams, grams of soy sauce, sugar grams, grams of Jimo wine, star anise and pepper each grams, grams of dry fermented black bean pot add water to boil for a material, grams of juice, add sugar, aniseed, pepper, ginger wire together cooking minutes. For the sugar boil, add soy sauce, wine and mix thoroughly. When the soup is cold can add it after dehydration in pickled ginger devil. Two, food production: happiness tips: 1, devil ginger skin thinner, so cut off without peeling, as long as you can wash. Devil ginger contains a certain amount of water, after the dehydration treatment is conducive to its absorption of adequate taste. So the salt added some high, but can be a good place to put a good pickled ginger ginger, a small amount of production can be reduced according to personal taste. 4, devil ginger can extract inulin, can treat diabetes. It has a two-way regulation of blood glucose, that is, on the one hand can reduce blood sugar in diabetic patients, on the other hand, can make hypoglycemia patients with elevated blood sugar. Research shows that devils ginger contains a very approximate structure of insulin and human pancreas in substance, when the glucose in urine, edible ginger can control the urine that devil!相关的主题文章: